Do you want your A/P clerk having access to your payroll records? Or your billing clerk having access to your profit and loss statements? Maybe so, but maybe not.

If not, then you can configure your QuickBooks company so that each user has access only to the information they need.

Set this up through the top menu: Company / Set Up Users and Passwords / Set Up Users. Click Add User or Edit User, depending on whether they are already existing users. Then you’ll see this screen:

Click on “Selected areas of QuickBooks” to begin the process of specifying authorized functions for that user.

The first screen that appears gives you control over the user’s access to Sales and Accounts Receivable functions:

You see that control can be broken down between data entry, transaction printing, and reporting. Select the functions that your user needs access to. You can also click (or not) on the checkbox giving the user access to customer credit card numbers.

This level of control in QuickBooks is great — it introduces accounting controls to your use of the software, and potentially reduces the risk of fraud and error.

You can set up controls for these areas in QuickBooks:

* Sales and A/R
* Purchases and A/P
* Checking and Credit Cards
* Inventory
* Time Tracking
* Payroll and Employees
* Sensitive Accounting Activities (like journal entries and online banking)
* Sensitive Financial Reporting

Finally, you can control the ability to change or delete transactions:

This is an important accounting control. If you open this capability to a user, they will be able to delete or change previously entered transactions. Limiting this capability to only staff that truly need it could help lower the possibility of bookkeeping crime in your office, because it makes it harder for users to cover their tracks if they are making entries they don’t want others to see.

Also, you can prevent users from making changes to the books after the close date. Your accountant will really like it if you restrict that.

There are news stories coming out all the time about embezzlement and fraud taking place in offices where QuickBooks or other accounting software is used. Want to lower the chance of it happening to you? Just limit your employees’ access in QuickBooks to the functions they need to do their jobs.

Do you have any tips or advice on using access restrictions in QuickBooks?

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395 thoughts on “How to Restrict User Access in QuickBooks

  1. Is there a way to restrict QB from printing employee checks if the information was entered after a certain time or day, basically making it so that their check will be created on the next payroll?

  2. Hi, I have set up my employee with restricted use. She has access to Time tracking – but only to create a timesheet. She has no access at all to Payroll and Employees according to the set up. But when I log in with her credentials, I can see all of the employees and their checks. What am I doing incorrectly?

  3. Oh Sorry! I didn’t look at the older comments. I found one in August that says that our version of quickbooks can’t lock anyone out of payroll. Odd that they offer that as an option when setting up a new user though.
    Thank you so much for this forum.

  4. Using Pro 2013 single user will basic payroll. Looking at Pro 2016 multiuser.

    We have added an employee that is doing sales/marketing and some office assisting. I’m interested in multiuser bc I’d like to set up a user for this person with restrictions.

    Most importantly, I’d like to deny access to payroll information and sensitive data like chart of accounts, etc.
    I am getting mixed information from QB and forums I’ve searched that I can/cannot restrict these permissions. Basically, this user really only needs access to the customer and possibly the vendor areas.

    What can be restricted in Pro 2016? What cannot? Don’t really want the user to be able to view reports related to the areas I’m trying most to restrict either, don’t know if that’s kinda a “backdoor” to accessing the info. A list of permission options would be great, I just haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

  5. Can you restrict access on a store level? For instance the accountant at a given store can access all of the accounts for the store, but not other stores.

  6. Good morning Shannon,

    Please help…Im using the Quickbooks Accountant 2013 version and would like to restrict postings for my staff. I would like them to enter the transaction but not have the right to “post” to the GL once they “save”.

    My issue is they are inexperienced and frequently posting to wrong GL accounts…sometimes creating duplicate bills…I would therefore like to have single posting rights limited to myself only.


    Please advise.


  7. We have QB Pro 2016 Desktop. I am adding users and have restricted them as far as I can. I would only like them to have access to estimates, invoicing and time entry. I don’t see where I can restrict them any further. Currently, they have that access PLUS receiving payments, recording deposits and such which I do not want.

  8. Hi, is there a way to give access to my manager to only be able to write checks but not be able to browse through the rest of quickbooks?

  9. Hello….I’d like to give permission to an employee in Quickbooks Pro 2015 to write checks off of 2 different checking accounts and to enter credit card charges. I want to keep the various savings accounts locked out. If I purchase the multi-user license I want to be sure this works. From what I can tell, it’s all or nothing. So she can see all of the checking/savings account or none. To be clear, I’d like only selected accounts to be visible/accessed.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi, I have a client that is trying to restrict others from looking at payroll data. All the permissions are set-up correctly, but if someone wanted to do an “Advanced Find” search for an employee’s name, then they can still see general payroll data in that area. Any help?

  11. Hi,
    Is there a way to restrict access to specific vendors’ in QuickBooks 2014 Pro? Some of our vendors are also consultants – and I do not want all users to have access to their payment details. Thanks.

  12. Hello, is there a way to not make certain checks visible to restricted users, i.e., payroll checks? Its probably impossible because the totals in the general ledger need to show, but I’m just wondering. Because it is not that great when everyone in the company can see the payroll checks that have been written, and people can compare how much their co-workers are making. Thanks

  13. Hi Shannon,

    My company is using QuickBooks Pro 2016 and we don’t want all of our accounting staff to see some sensitive transactions. We can restrict them for viewing the financial statements report, however, if they use the “Find” function, all the checks issued or the general journal entries recorded can still show up. Is there any way to set these invisible also?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Delphine,

      I was not able to recreate your situation in QuickBooks 2016. If a user only has rights to A/R, for example, if you try to find checks or journal entries, it says you don’t have access to them…

  14. Sorry Shannon I have missed something in above, if your answer is negative for QuickBooks Pro 2016, is there any version of QuickBooks which can disallow this “Find” function in certain users? Basically we want to give rights to some users with AR & AP functions only……thanks again!

  15. Hi Shannon,

    Thank you for this article, very informative.

    I would like to know how can I limit access to Company Snapshot in QB Pro 2016? It shows all balances on the debit/credit etc. account.



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