Here are some of the better reviews of the recently released QuickBooks 2014.

QuickBooks 2014 Has Arrived! Here is What to Expect – The Sleeter Group

Email Improvements - This has been an area where I’ve felt that Intuit hasn’t kept up with the times. Support and integration with email is just not very good. This year there are a number of changes in this area. Is it enough?

The Customer Center now has a tab for Sent Email, where you can see a history (of sorts) of the emails that you have sent to a client from within QuickBooks. You now have the ability to send a customer payment receipt via email.

(Note: Charlie Russell has posted a number of detailed blog entries at the Sleeter website above that analyze various aspects of QuickBooks 2014)

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QuickBooks 2014 Client Collaborator - Intuitive Accountant

Users of the the Accountant versions of QuickBooks 2014 can initiate what might seem like an ‘instant message’ to their client directly from inside QuickBooks.  While using a copy of your client’s data (either an Accountant’s Copy or a Back-up), should you have a question concerning a transaction, you can open the Collaborator and simply ask a question about the transaction.  

(Note: William Murphy has posted a number of detailed blog entries at the site above that analyze various aspects of QuickBooks 2014)

QuickBooks 2014 – Payroll Center Enhancements – Sunburst Software Solutions

In QuickBooks 2014 the Payroll Center underwent a complete overhaul – which was badly needed in my opinion – and the outcome is both well-designed and useful, at least in my opinion.

For years, we’ve lived with a cramped Payroll Center, that was so full of “stuff” that it was often difficult for users to figure out what the heck they were supposed to do in it or how in the heck they were supposed to even use it.

 Bank Feeds in QuickBooks 2014 – Presti & Naegele

Bank Feeds is the new Online Banking feature in QuickBooks 2014. Compared to the 2013, the visual aspects of the online banking feature has been changed significantly, providing more room to work in and using color to highlight different transactions and features.

What’s New in QuickBooks Enterprise 2014? – Scott Gregory

Remember these key points as you consider an upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise 2014/14.0

Currently on an active Full Service and Support Plan with Intuit? You will automatically receive a copy of QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 at no additional cost.Watch your e-mail – Intuit will be sending you notices about the upgrade.

The data in your current QuickBooks file will upgrade to QuickBooks 2014 seamlessly. You should not have any worries about that as you evaluate the purchase of QuickBooks 2014.

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 Are you going to be getting QuickBooks 2014? What is driving your decision?

6 thoughts on “Surveying the Reviews of QuickBooks 2014

  1. I am a new business owner settign up quickbooks Pro and payroll for the first time and it sucessfully installed a month ago and crashes everytime I try to start it. Very disappointing that support wants to charge me to fix a software program that fails out of the box, Unbelievable!

    • Are you using Windows 8? I have had rotten luck getting QB to work well with 8- to the point where I paid to go back to Windows 7 and that has made life a lot nicer. Although you would hope that Intuit would have done better getting their product to be compatible, honestly there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t work well with Windows 8 not just Intuit products. I haven’t tried 8.1 but that supposedly fixed a lot of things- might be another option to try.

  2. Good Morning Denys,

    Get used to it, for the most part Intuit is bent on charging for everything, I have been using QB for 10 years now, I have just learned to put up with the poor customer support and blame for anything that goes wrong. My only suggestion would be to uninstall and reinstall the program. I had the same issue and this was the only solution. Back up the Datafile in a safe location (thumbdrive).

  3. I am very happy to say that I have never had any kind of difficulties with my quikboooks premier edition non profit and I also use the payroll system. I have also had satisfactory results with the technical support, although I wish they would hire people who are better English speakers.


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