What if you need fewer licenses of QuickBooks than you used to?

One Enterprise 11 user had this scenario. She tells her story:

“AccountingUsers saved the day! After over a decade of dedicated QuickBooks use, I started my own business from home. I no longer needed the Enterprise version I had been using at my previous company.

But there was no way to “downgrade” to a fewer licensed version. Unacceptable! Thank goodness I found AccountingUsers’ services to make the necessary edits to my company file. Highly recommend this!”

– Sara Carter, The GKW Company, Inc.

So the solution we had for Sara was to convert her Enterprise file to QuickBooks Premier format. Then she was able to just purchase and use the number of Premier licenses she needed…and save the difference in annual upgrade and support fees over continuing to maintain lots of Enterprise licenses.

This situation might also help a business who outsources some of their accounting operations and doesn’t need as many users and licenses of QuickBooks as before.


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When we convert an Enterprise file to Premier or Pro, all the information in the file is retained…transactions, accounts, lists, balances, memorized reports, custom templates, user preferences, payroll details…everything.

Have you ever considered moving from Enterprise to a lower edition?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your service saved me money and so much time.

We’re a very small business that was sold Enterprise by an unscrupulous bookkeeping firm, and the timing couldn’t have been worse when QuickBooks informed me that I needed to upgrade my Enterprise to continue to receive payroll updates.

I didn’t realize that meant payroll would cease to calculate.

With the downturn in the economy I simply didn’t have the money to pay for the upgrade, but without it I would have had to manually process payroll, opening us up to costly errors.

I could purchase a lesser grade of QuickBooks and be back to doing payroll but I would have to either toggle between the two QuickBooks files to view historical data or manually re-enter historical data into the new file — but where does a small business owner find time to do that?

Someone tried to deter me from using a service like yours by telling me data would be lost, but that wasn’t the case at all. The downloading of my file was extremely easy and the converted data quickly uploaded back into QuickBooks Pro without loss of any data.

In a very short amount of time with a relatively small amount of money and time, we’re now able to process payroll without having to start a new file and I have my historical data.”

~ Celeste F., Washington