Pine tree broken by high winds
One of many pine trees broken off by high winds
A windstorm came through central Colorado last month. The wind meter at the airport clocked gusts of up to 79MPH, breaking the all time record.

In my neighborhood, I counted 8 broken-off ponderosa pines as I drove down the main road the next day.

There was one tree with a five foot diameter trunk, broken completely off. That tree had to have been hundreds of years old.

They couldn’t bend enough. So they broke.

Most businesses these days feel the economic gales pushing against their trunks.

Bend, don’t break.

Do you need a cash infusion to give more flexibility until cash is self-sustaining through your operations?

Do you need to restructure or renegotiate some debt so the wind doesn’t push as hard?

Do you need to find a consulting CFO to review your books to see if there are costs or expenses that are disproportionately high for your kind of business?

Do you need to change your approach to customer terms and collections so that the cash comes in quicker?

Do you need to prune off departments/locations/branches that cause stress to the whole organization?

We’ve had to do that. We’ve gotten out of some business areas that were not at our core and that were not very profitable or strategic. That helped.

Bend, don’t break. And here’s to to the hope that the wind won’t blow as hard in 2012.

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If you run QuickBooks week after week, year after year, your QBW data file gets pretty big. (Press the F2 key in QuickBooks with your company open to see how big your file is.)

What if it gets so big that performance starts to suffer? Or you start to experience errors or intermittent problems in the software?

Two different QuickBooks users recently had that experience, and sent their files in to us to be supercondensed.

What is supercondensing? It is a process where we remove all closed transactions from a file prior to a cut off date of your choosing. We leave all the transactions ahead of the cut off date, and we leave open or pending transactions regardless of their date.

The end result is a file that is quite small and fast compared to the original.

We often schedule these on weekends, so that there is no downtime on the client’s side.

Here is what a couple of our clients said about their experience in having us condense their file this way (quoted by permission):

“We are very pleased. We ended up with a smaller file size than estimated. Very convenient for a business b/c I sent the file on Friday @ 5:00 pm and it was returned and reloaded Sunday afternoon. We were up and running on Monday w/o any problems.”
— Vicki Hilliard, Patio Supply

“AccountingUsers did exactly as they promised. We sent our file to them on a Friday and received our file back on Saturday afternoon. I downloaded the new file, installed it and was up and running Monday morning with absolutely no down time. Our Quickbooks is so much faster now. I wish I had used their service much sooner!” — Lynn Wrinkle, Blade Energy Partners

Weekend service for supercondensing is available for no extra charge.

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