We were curious about what mobile devices — smartphones or tablets, either — QuickBooks users are using the most. So we dug down into the stats of the QuickBooks Forums to see. (The QuickBooks Forums is our independent discussion group for QuickBooks users and experts, and is by far the most popular non-Intuit online support resource.)

There have been over 30,000 visits from mobile devices to the QuickBooks Forums so far this year. How is the Apple vs. Android battle playing out among our visitors? Are there more visits coming in from tablets or smartphones?

Here is the breakout so far in 2013.

Apple dominates.


As you might have guessed, Apple rules the mobile platform roost: 73% of mobile visits are from iPhones or iPads, and just about equally distributed between those two devices.

Various generations and models of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, taken altogether, comprise 10% of the visits, and the remainder of the Android universe comprises another 13%. So Android devices make up 23% of mobile visits.

The remainder of the visits were from Blackberry, Windows Phone, other devices, or of unknown (but mobile) origins.