Intuit has streamlined some of the process of installing and registering QuickBooks 2014. The more streamlined and simple the better, as far as I’m concerned.

I downloaded and installed both QuickBooks 2014 Accountant (Premier) and QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition 14. They both installed and went through the installation and registration processes in identical fashion. I would assume that the QuickBooks Pro 2014 version does the same.

When you install QuickBooks 2014, you start by entering your QuickBooks license number and product number. You’ve got to get that entered correctly before it begins unpacking itself onto your hard drive.

Once it does start installing in earnest, it begins the registration process while the installation proceeds. Here’s what you’ll see at one point in the process:

quickbooks 2014 installation
Register while installing

You enter three short screens of information, and that will be enough to complete the install and open QuickBooks 2014.

Now at this point, your copy of QuickBooks is still officially ‘unregistered’. If you click “My Company” in the navigation pane, you’ll see that (in big red letters!)

I don’t know why that is; you would think that the registration process that took place during installation would be sufficient. But it’s not. You’ve got 30 days to register your installation.

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When you click the link in QuickBooks to register your copy, it will bring up a window asking for your phone number and zip code. That has got to agree with the phone number and zip code in your Intuit account profile. Enter it and you’re in like Flynn. You don’t have to wade through any promo screens, or call an 800 number or anything unpleasant like that to complete your registration.

The registration process is not quite as streamlined as I think it could be, but it’s not bad. Have you installed and registered QuickBooks 2014 yet? What was your experience like?

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There are a number of great reviews of QuickBooks 2014 already out there.

But for you visually-oriented folks, here are some screenshots that will help you get a quick fix on what the new version looks/feels like. Click on any of the screenshots below to get a larger image view.

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QuickBooks 2013 Screenshots

Let’s start out with the QuickBooks 2014 home page. Here’s what it looks like for a sample company. All screenshots are taken with R1 of QuickBooks Accountant 2014 (Premier edition).

QuickBooks 2014 Home Screen


Note the different color scheme and navigation pane compared to the 2013 version.

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QuickBooks 2014 Customer Center Screenshot

quickbooks 2014 customer center screenshot
Customer Center

Note the new “Sent Email” tab. That’s helpful to see the past trail of emails (emailed invoices, sales receipts, etc.) that you have sent to your customer.

Something else new on the Customer Center is the “Income Tracker”. When you click on it, you see this.

QuickBooks 2014 Income Tracker Screenshot

quickbooks 2014 income tracker screenshot
Income Tracker

This is a great dashboard-style tool that allows you to get both high level and detailed information about your accounts receivable. You can filter the kind of information given on this screen.

The transaction entry screens in 2014 sport the same look and feel of the 2013 version, with the “Office-style” ribbon at the top of the screen. Here’s what an invoice entry screen looks like.

QuickBooks 2014 Create Invoice Screenshot

quickbooks 2014 create invoice screenshot
Create Invoice screen

Not too different from the 2013 version invoice entry screen.

If you have the QuickBooks 2014 Accountant edition, here’s what the Accountant Center looks like.

QuickBooks 2014 Accountant Center Screenshot

quickbooks 2014 accountant center screenshot
Accountant Center

The batch entry feature is new.

There are, of course, many other screens in QuickBooks 2014, but this gives you an idea of some of the most important screens.

Now that you’ve seen what the QuickBooks 2014 screens looks like, you might also check out the QuickBooks 2014 Menus

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Here are all of the menus found in QuickBooks 2014 Accountant (Premier). Click on any of them to enlarge. With this version/edition, you even get to customize your own Favorites Menu (see below to see how you create it). And although not technically a menu item, there is a reminder widget out to the right… Continue reading

QuickBooks users spend 124% more online time reading about QuickBooks when they are using an iPad or other tablet.

How do I know that? I was curious and ran a query in Google Analytics on whether visitors to our QuickBooks Forums differed in their visiting behavior according to the device they were browsing from.

I looked at about 400K visits to our forums over the last few months, and looked at the breakdown by device.

The vast majority of our visitors were browsing from a desktop computer. They spent an average of 51 seconds on the forums per visitor.

Visitors accessing our forums from their phones spent less time: 40 seconds per visit.

But visitors reading our forums from tablets (e.g. iPads) spent 1:54 minutes on our forums on average.

Wow! Over 100% increase in average visit duration for tablet users, compared to desktop users. The number of pages per visit was higher too, though only fractionally. Their bounce rate was lower as well.

The pattern holds as well for visitors of our blog; the average visit duration was 44% higher for tablet users than desktop users.

Why do tablet users engage more deeply? Maybe it’s what you could call the Starbucks Effect? If you are using your iPad, you are not at your office desk. You might be at your kitchen table, or your living room sofa, or on the commuter train, or in a coffee shop. You’ve got some time, and maybe even something good to drink in hand. More time = more engagement.

Or is it something else? What do you think?

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