Almost everyone cheers for their home team. But who cheers for unknown strangers on an unknown team?

I was at a high school track meet in the Colorado Springs area. Towards the end of the day, in the 3200m (2 mile) race, all the runners had crossed the finish line except one. There were hundreds of spectators in the stands…and one boy on the track.

He was coming into the stretch a good minute or more behind the next-to-last finisher.

This runner was out of gas, in pain, but he had his game face on and was finishing with the best kick he could muster. He was finishing purely for pride.

As he passed our section of the bleachers, one of our track moms stood up. She started yelling, “Run! Run! Come on, boy in blue!” She started clapping. We all clapped and cheered for the boy in the blue jersey. We didn’t know him, didn’t know his school. But someone saw his courage and perseverance and cheered him on. And then so did a lot of the rest of us.

It’s a good thing to cheer for the home team. It’s also good to cheer for brave strangers.

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What if you upgraded your QuickBooks Pro or Premier data file to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and now need to revert back?

There’s a way for it to be done. Here’s what real users have said:

“We used the downgrade service from QB Enterprise to Premier. It worked flawlessly. We got our company file back in less than 24-hours and couldn’t be happier. Thanks!” — Jonathan, Fresh Start Vitamin Co.

This service WAY surpassed my expectations!!  I received the converted file less than 12 hours after I submitted it for conversion.  WELL worth the money spent.  Also made me look like a hero to the nonprofit company we were helping.  Thank you so much!!” — Heidi Jennings, Watermark CPA Group, Inc.

I really appreciate how fast and easy you made the transition from Enterprise to Pro for me.  Thank You!” — Peter Garza, Scantech Utility Detection Service, Inc.

The process is simple. You order the service and upload your file to us. We convert it and email you a secure download link to retrieve your converted data. The file you get back from us is ready to use in Pro or Premier. The data will be as if it had been created and used in your version of Pro or Premier from the beginning. You don’t have to rekey, recreate, or export/import anything…it’s a turnkey service.

Advantages? Money saved on software and support and no mandatory annual subscription fees.

Have you found yourself in a position of wanting to revert from Enterprise to a lower edition?

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