There are several scenarios where having a temporary copy of QuickBooks would be handy:

  • You’re thinking about upgrading from Pro or Premier to Enterprise, but you want to know what Enterprise looks like before buying it
  • You want to save money by downgrading from Enterprise but want to get a feel for what Pro or Premier is like first
  • You’ve got an old version of QuickBooks and you’ve been wondering if a new version would be worth it; you want to test drive it before taking the plunge
  • You need a later copy of QuickBooks in order to facilitate your data’s migration to QuickBooks Online
  • You used to use QuickBooks, but don’t have it anymore. You need to temporarily restore an old QuickBooks backup and run some company reports
  • You are shopping for accounting software, and are researching QuickBooks products

In answer to any of these situations, it might help you to get a free trial version of QuickBooks. Trial versions exist!

There are trial versions of QuickBooks available for Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Mac versions. You can download US, Canadian, and UK editions as of today.

NOTE: These trial versions expire after 30 days, and cannot be registered. Don’t rely on them to do your books, or any other mission-critical function!

Find links to trial versions of QuickBooks here.