QuickBooks 2020 Desktop features a new way to automate payment reminders. This should save you time and potentially improve your collections and cash flow.

How do you set it up? Start by clicking Customers / Payment Reminders / Schedule Payment Reminders.

Now you get to set up a new schedule. Give it a name and define how late an invoice must be for it to come up on the reminder list.

Now you are going to create a subset of your customers that will receive these notifications. Give them a name and a description.

Select the customers you want to be added to the list. Of course, you can select customers with overdue balances. But if you can select or deselect customers as you wish.

Edit your email content for the reminder. Below shows your starting template.

That’s it. When you are ready to send out reminders, just click Customers / Payment Reminders / Review and Send Payment Reminders.

QuickBooks will pull up a list of relevant invoices to send, and you can confirm your selections. Click Send Now and you’re done!

The record of the sent payment reminders will be captured, and you can see that on the Sent Email tab of Customer Information for each customer.

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