When my daughter lived in Taiwan, I learned a little about the Chinese Zodiac. Basically, depending on your birth year, you are associated with a certain animal — and its traits — within the ancient Chinese tradition. While my daughter, a “rabbit” by birth, lived in Taiwan, it was the “Year of the Rabbit” — an “auspicious time” for all rabbits like her. But then Chinese New Year came along and the Year of the Rabbit gave way to the Year of the Dragon.

How about moose? There are no moose in China. There ARE moose in Colorado. I just had never seen any. Until last week, that is.

I took the family over Cottonwood Pass last week to have a picnic supper over at Taylor Reservoir. About 3/4ths of the way down the Gunnison county side, there was a moose browsing in the grass amongst the lodgepole pines. “Look, a moose!” We all stopped and gawked like tourists. Awesome! After living 18 years in Colorado, the moose drought was broken.

And when it rains, it pours, they say.

On Saturday, we were driving I-70 and coming up to the first exit for Frisco. I became aware of what I thought at first was a skinny horse, bay colored, dancing around in the middle of the freeway ahead of me. No, it’s a moose! Yikes! The poor critter wanted to cross the highway, but there was obviously too much traffic, so he was doing a little tap dance in the eastbound lanes. Fortunately, he came to his senses and bolted back off the road before I had to slam on the brakes.

Wow, two moose in one week!

Later that same Saturday, our business done on the Front Range, we were returning home via US 285. Just on the outskirts of Grant, lurking in an aspen grove, was (I’m not lying!) a moose. Again, for the first half-second, I thought I was seeing a bay horse. Nope. Moose.

A three-moose week — the “Week of the Moose”. An auspicious time? I’ll take it.

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2 thoughts on “Year of the Dragon, Week of the Moose

  1. I’m having a moose week with customers and vendors. We have an a/r customer, thru legal process, who has agreed to pay some of our unpaid vendor a/p bills directly to the vendor. Although we are happy this is occurring, it is creating a challenge for me. I have tried a few ways, but even though the vendor account zero’s out in total, all the detail above that will not drop off the report. Once these bills have been satisfied thru whatever will be the entry, and the balance showa as zero, we would not want to keep seeing it show at all on our “unpaid Bills Detail” report. Any suggestions?? Thanks


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