Take care of your computer, and it will take care of you. Here are five easy and inexpensive ways to bullet-proof your PC.

1. Have each computer you use on a battery backup. Electric surge protection is not enough. If the power goes out when you have critical files open and your computer blinks off, you have a big problem. Battery backups are not that expensive.

2. Have every computer you use do Windows auto-updates. Access the settings through your Windows Control Panel. Auto-updates will make sure that you get critical service-packs, security updates, and Windows bug fixes.

3. Have every computer running security software. Symantec and McAfee are the big dogs for subscription-based solutions. But you can still get some free solutions, like AVG’s free edition. You’d have to be crazy to have a computer connected to the internet these days without some basic protection.

4. Be smart with your passwords. Don’t use your name or your address or your phone number, etc. Use numbers, upper and lower case letters, special characters, and nonsense words.

5. Don’t ignore warning signs. If your computer starts making funky noises, or getting intermittent bootup errors, or hanging up a lot, don’t wait around for it to get worse. Unlike the human body, computers aren’t self-healing. Get your IT pro to diagnose/repair, or just go get a new computer before the big crash.

Any other suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Bullet-proof your PC

  1. As a home and small business PC repair and service company we are seeing a lot of infected computers.
    Some of them have one of the major security suites functioning and up to date, but they still get infected. You wouldn’t expect your washing powder to get every stain out, so don’t expect one security package to protect your system. We recommend having AVG free edition, SuperAntispyware, Spybot, MalwareBytes and Spywareblaster, with regular updates and scans, as well as a firewall – Zonealarm is good, but not for Windows 7, the Windows firewall is ok. And all of those are free!


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