I bought this printer about a month ago for home office use, and it works so well I had to write about it. This is the first non-HP printer I’ve had in memory, and I love it.

Like most of the all-in-one genre of printers, this one does these four things:

* print
* copy
* fax
* scan

Here are things I like about what it does:

  1. It’s fast. The pages shoot through the document feeder fast. The scans are done fast. The prints come out into the output tray fast.
  2. The software is good. Especially the scanning software. You can easily control the properties of the scan you are getting ready to do, and the end results are quite good — clear, clean, what you expect and want it to look like. You can scan directly to PDF format, which is what I scan virtually everything to. I use the text enhancement switch when scanning documents — it really crisps things up. Here’s what the main scan screen looks like:
  3. Super easy and reliable wireless networking. This Epson sits on a desk by itself and receives print jobs from computers all over my house. It doesn’t need to be connected to your router with an Ethernet cable, nor connected to any of your computers by a USB cable. I leave it turned on all the time, so anytime anyone in my family needs to print something, whatever computer they are on can print on the spot. (You do of course have to install the printer drivers on whichever computers you want interfaced with the printer). This just works great. We’ve never had a connectivity problem.
  4. Affordable, long lasting ink cartridges. I am still on my original ink cartridges (there are four of them) but I expect them to last a long time, and the replacement cartridges look reasonable inexpensive. They break out black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink into their own cartridges. The black cartridge has twice the capacity of the others — great when text printing predominates your printing habits.
  5. Bells and whistles. There are two that stand out: Dual paper trays, and double-sided scanning and printing. I don’t use either of these often, but they are nice when needed.

I bought mine from Amazon because of the price; here’s their listing:

Anyone else using this fine little printer?

3 thoughts on “Review: Epson WorkForce 840 All-in-One Printer

  1. If anyone used lots of printers but it can not satisfy you with their performance than I suggest you buy an Epson printer. I have used the Epson printer for a long time and it did not disappoint me till now.


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