tomato plants
My babies, fresh from the nursery
The marketer in me enjoys A/B testing, or split testing. That’s when you take an existing offer, change (in a significant way) one element of the offer, and then present both offers at the same time and track your results. You can then see which offer works best, or better yet, has the best ROI.

An example would be to offer a product or service at the regular price, and then make a parallel offer where everything remains the same except for the price, and see what happens. This helps determine price elasticity, as the economists call it.

So I’m bring that concept home today. Yep, I bought my batch of tomato plants at the nursery today, and am going to A/B test them.

The variable? Soil. I’m going to use “Happy Frog” organic potting soil for one of my “Early Girl” plants, and a non-organic Ferti-loam potting soil for another “Early Girl”. Everything else should theoretically be the same between the two plants.

I will be evaluating yield, size, growing/producing season, and especially(!) taste. Ah, can’t wait to do the metrics on this project!

Wish me luck, and if any of you tomato growers out there have any predictions, speak up.

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