QuickBooks users spend 124% more online time reading about QuickBooks when they are using an iPad or other tablet.

How do I know that? I was curious and ran a query in Google Analytics on whether visitors to our QuickBooks Forums differed in their visiting behavior according to the device they were browsing from.

I looked at about 400K visits to our forums over the last few months, and looked at the breakdown by device.

The vast majority of our visitors were browsing from a desktop computer. They spent an average of 51 seconds on the forums per visitor.

Visitors accessing our forums from their phones spent less time: 40 seconds per visit.

But visitors reading our forums from tablets (e.g. iPads) spent 1:54 minutes on our forums on average.

Wow! Over 100% increase in average visit duration for tablet users, compared to desktop users. The number of pages per visit was higher too, though only fractionally. Their bounce rate was lower as well.

The pattern holds as well for visitors of our blog; the average visit duration was 44% higher for tablet users than desktop users.

Why do tablet users engage more deeply? Maybe it’s what you could call the Starbucks Effect? If you are using your iPad, you are not at your office desk. You might be at your kitchen table, or your living room sofa, or on the commuter train, or in a coffee shop. You’ve got some time, and maybe even something good to drink in hand. More time = more engagement.

Or is it something else? What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Tablet Users Spend More Time Reading About QuickBooks

  1. Shannon,

    I found your blog following a link from Nancy’s blog. You have great stuff.

    I use a Samsung Galaxy Mega (phablet) for my phone and I find it is the perfect size
    for reading QB blogs and QB pdfs stored in my G Drive. I think as more people
    use phablets, this trend will continue or accelerate. My Galaxy Mega has almost replaced
    my tablet, since I can carry it with me at all times in my pant’s front pocket.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for the kind words. That’s interesting about phablets. That extra portability sounds really convenient. I’ll check it out next time I am shopping for a phone. Thanks for the comment.


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