I’ll bet QuickBooks is a mission-critical application for your office. What would happen to your business if QuickBooks went down? Here are 7 ways to avoid that:

1. Maintain your network. Actually, get your IT guy or girl to do it. Nothing can take down QuickBooks like a flaky network.

Keep your server defragged and your whole network optimized for speed. Use the highest-performing server you can afford. Use the same kind of routers and connectors across your network. Have plenty of memory on every workstation accessing QuickBooks.

2. Be careful with your imports. Importing bank or other transactions into QuickBooks is a tremendous time saver. Except when they’re messed up. If you are getting ready to import transactions from a new source, make sure you’re well backed up first. After you import, check the results immediately. If there’s a problem, restore your backup. Otherwise, it can be really difficult to undo the effects of badly imported transactions, especially if there are hundreds of them.

3. Back up often and effectively. Global Data Vault is a great online backup service. Many small businesses have been greatly inconvenienced because their backups weren’t what they assumed.

4. Verify/Rebuild. Run these commands periodically to get early warning on data problems.

5. Schedule data work for weekends. Sending your data off to be supercondensed, repaired, recreated, or something else? Schedule it for a weekend so the wheels don’t stop turning at your office on weekdays.

6. Send Accountant’s Copies. Taking advantage of this QuickBooks feature lets you get your data to your accountant for corrections without you having to pause in the use of QuickBooks — you can keep working at the same time your CPA is reviewing your file.

7. If down, get up. If your file becomes unopenable or has fatal errors, get overnight data repair services to be up and running by the next morning.

Do you have another suggestion to avoid QuickBooks downtime?

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4 thoughts on “7 Ways to Avoid QuickBooks Downtime

  1. Why not host your QuickBooks on a server that has virtually no down time ,where you will never need an IT guy or girl again. A server that is upgraded as soon as new technology surfaces, has tools to make your business run better for you and your clients. A server that don’t even take up room in your office and runs without using your electricity. This server meets all your accounting needs and never gives you hassles so that you can focus on your profession without trying to be an IT guy or girl. And its going to cost you less to do better business with this server. Its called the Ark… Please if this interests you ask me more about it @ arkonlinehosting.com

    Thanks for your time. I love this blog. -Mike

  2. I don’t have a server so do not have to deal with that but I find that QuickBooks 2010 is not very stable. So I could loose my files even though I back up every day.

  3. One thing I recommend to my clients is to backup their file manually within the program on a daily basis. For many, I schedule their back up to occur when they exit the program at the end of the day.

    That way they are never more than a day behind if something happens to their file. It also applies if the computer is stolen and they use online backup systems. I am always amazed by the number of clients who do not back up their files within the program.


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