If your QuickBooks file seems to be getting more and more sluggish, or if it has suddenly gone from fast to slow, here’s something you can try. This might speed up your reports. It might even speed up transaction saving, if that is taking awhile for your company file.

The nice thing about this tip is that you don’t lose anything you use. And you don’t have to cajole the cooperation of your users.

All you have to do is get rid of memorized reports that you don’t need anymore.

This can make a significant difference. A lot of users save memorized reports and then kind of forget about them. So the list of memorized reports keeps growing over the years without ever being pared down — or even used.

QuickBooks can really get sluggish when you have lots and lots of memorized reports. We don’t know why, exactly. We just know anecdotally that sometimes there are performance increases when one significantly pares down the list of memorized reports.

Sometimes memorized reports get corrupted or contain no-longer-valid accounts or names, and that might affect performance too.

It’s an easy fix.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make a backup of your data before deleting reports.


Click Reports / Memorized Reports / Memorized Reports List.


Right click on any unneeded report and select Delete Memorized Report.

Delete any and all obsolete Memorized Reports. Then log out of the company, log in again, and see if it speeds things up.

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This tip won’t help if your file is huge, or if you have tens of thousands of customers or items (these situations create their own bottlenecks and a different solution is required). But it might help otherwise. And the worst that can happen is that you have a cleaner memorized reports list than you had before.

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10 thoughts on “A Quick Tip to Speed Up QuickBooks

  1. I did the tip on deleting memorized reports – after doing a backup. I’m now not able to access multi-user mode. Is this a bug or a coincidence? Solution?

  2. Hi Janet,

    I don’t see a connection there, but you might just log everyone out of QuickBooks and exit, and then let everyone get back in again. It will probably reset itself. If not, you could try rebooting all the computers (once all apps are closed, of course). Worst case, you can restore your backup. Thanks for the question.

    • Hi Leo,

      It depends on what lists you mean. If you mean the customer list in the left pane of the Customer Center, you can click the View dropdown control there to select “Active Customers”. Any customers then with the “Customer is inactive” control checked will no longer show up on that list.

      If you mean a Customer Contact List, you can click Customize Report / Filters / Active Status: Active, and it will only show active customers.

      Hope that helped. Thanks for your question.

  3. I am debating with myself as to whether or not to migrate from desktop to online and am soaking up as much information as possible. Some of the things that occur to me are reports – Over the last probably 20 years of using QB on my desktops I’ve refined many reports, cheque layouts, statements, invoices etc that are all customised with company logos, unique colour schemes and so on. Will I lose all these if I go online? Any help would be appreciated!


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