There are several different editions of QuickBooks available. They vary in how well suited they are for different sizes and types of organizations and in the way users access their data.

All of the editions can do basic accounting – check printing, paying bills, processing payroll, invoicing customers — but some are better suited for specific requirements and situations. (Can I easily change between editions? See below.)

For Small Business – 100% Online Access:

QuickBooks Online Plus

Up to 5 simultaneous users + accountant
Seamlessly access accounting records real-time from multiple locations
Limited import/export and inventory capabilities

For Small Business – Mac:

QuickBooks Mac

Up to 5 simultaneous users on a network
$229.95 retail
Feature set similar to QuickBooks Online

For Small Business – PC/Network Based Accounting:

QuickBooks Pro

Up to 3 simultaneous users on a network
$229.95 retail for single user
Best combination of general accounting features for most small businesses
Wide selection of optional add-ins

For Small/Medium Business — Industry Focused PC/Network Based Accounting:

QuickBooks Premier

Up to 5 simultaneous users on a network
$399.95 retail for single user
Industry-specific editions for not-for-profits, construction, manuf., etc.
Extra management tools like business planning and forecasting

For Medium Business — Many Users/Network Based Accounting:

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Up to 30 simultaneous users on a network
$600 retail per user
More robust multiuser performance
Designed for higher transaction volumes and database sizes

Moving from One Edition to Another

You can easily upgrade between the following editions, simply by opening the file in the higher edition:

Pro -> Premier
Pro -> Enterprise
Premier -> Enterprise

You can convert from Pro or Premier to Online by uploading your file. But there is a 120MB file size limit; if your QBW file is bigger than that, QB Online won’t accept it. Your file can be recreated with only last year’s transaction history to bring the file size down and make it uploadable.

You can downgrade these editions:

Premier -> Pro (file formats are compatible)
Online -> Pro/Premier (upon request by Intuit)
Enterprise -> Pro/Premier (by AccountingUsers, Inc.)

Do you have the best version in place already? Or are you contemplating a switch?

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