We were curious. So we evaluated all of the new members of the QuickBooks Forums so far this year, and tabulated the results by version.

chart of most popular versions of quickbooks
As tabulated by new member data in the QuickBooks Forums

What about editions of QuickBooks? We tabulated the editions that new forum members this year reported using. We limited that to users of 2012, 2011, and 2010 versions. Here’s the breakout:

graph of editions used by quickbooks users
Breakout by edition for users of 2012, 2011, and 2010 versions

“Other” includes Mac, EasyStart, and Plus versions.

Interestingly (to us, anyway), the proportion of Enterprise users to the overall share was much higher for 2012 version users than 2011 or 2010 users. Does that mean that companies that can afford the software and support costs associated with Enterprise can also afford to upgrade to the latest version every year? Perhaps.

Along that same line, the proportion of users using the Pro edition, 2010 version, is much higher than the comparable proportion using the 2011 or 2012 versions. Perhaps there is a greater cost sensitivity, and therefore a lower tendency to upgrade every year, with small business users of the Pro version.

What do you think? Would most Enterprise users upgrade every year as a general practice?

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15 thoughts on “Are QuickBooks Users Upgrading?

  1. I have found that most small business owners will use a version until it is no longer supported by Quickbooks payroll. Therefore there are more users using the 2010 version. Next year all these users will be upgrading to the newest version in order to keep running payroll. So every 3 years, Quickbooks will be selling a lot more upgrades .

  2. Right. So it seems that every May there is an uptick in upgrades, as official support is dropped for that 3+ year old version. People running payroll in QB (especially) will no longer be able to get by with their old version then.

    BUT, our observation is that Enterprise users as a group don’t seem as likely to do that — they are much more likely to stay current year to year.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. I am a PRO user still on 2010. I will upgrade to 2013. I agree with cost-conscious comments above. But also, the upgrades in 2011 and 2012 focused on online/web-based enhancements, which small businesses don’t all use. If there were more pertainent annual enhancements, I would consider upgrading more often.

  4. I was having a problem with this version. We bought the original and because of it we have the license but we cannot registered because we have to make a fone contact but we are in Brazil and is not possible to do it. When we have a similar a problem in an older version the Intuit support send us a way to do the registration using CTRL +Shift in a situation described for us in a email but it did not work and we only have 8 days more, and if we won´t register we will lost the product, I think.
    Can someone help me please.
    I cannot make international calls.

  5. I have tried upgrading several times all to no avail. The new versions will not accept and convert the data from my old version of Quick Books. I was just lucky that the version I have will run on my W7 machine without installing. It’s too bad Intuit won’t support their product without getting paid. I expect a product to install and load the data from a previous version without having to pay (what was it?) $30 a half hour to make it work. So, I’ll just stay with what I have until I can’t make it work anymore, and then I’ll see what is available. I can’t say I will or won’t stay with QB.

  6. Liliane, I think that in that circumstance you’ll have to figure out a way to make the international call in order to get your product activated…probably no other option.

    Jim, how old is your existing version of QuickBooks? It should automatically upgrade when you open it with the new version, unless there is data corruption in the existing file.

    Thanks for your comments and questions.

  7. I am a PRO user that has upgraded to each new version since 2008. I run a small business (restaurant) and I agree with Jackie’s comments that the improvements, from a small business perspective, are incremental at best; and so I understand why many small businesses would opt to upgrade only when they’re required to for support purposes. I subscribe and upgrade annually for two reasons:
    1. I run the integrated POS product and my need (“want”) to upgrade POS *requires* me to upgrade Quickbooks as well.
    2. As a software engineer of some 2o yrs before buying into the restaurant game (my wife is a chef) staying current is kinda built into my DNA 🙂

    I must say though that while I will stick with QB, the lack of signficant functional improvements from version to version has been disappointing. There also doesn’t seem to be a lot happening from a non-functional perspective – for example, improving performance by leveraging the power of increasingly common multiple core hardware and 64 bit operating environments. I actually put in a call to support some 6 months ago on that point and was told these things were not even on the roadmap..

    But all that said, the product meets my needs and I’ll continue to live in hope..!

  8. Hi Brent,

    Interesting about upgrades designed for hardware evolution. Later versions of QB are certified to run under 64-bit Windows and earlier ones are not. That’s not necessarily the same thing as being designed to take performance advantage of that, and of multi-core processors. Good food for thought, thanks.

  9. I am still on 2008 and find it very frustrating that there is no upgrade price and that each year I have to buy a new package probably the only software package that I know that doesn’t offer an upgrade price (what about loyalty)

  10. Simon, here in the US (I don’t know where you are) there is upgrade pricing, but it’s not much different from retail pricing, and in fact sometimes you see offers on Amazon or big box office stores where the retail price is less than the upgrade price. Go figure.

    Thanks for the comment.

  11. Jim, you should be able to update to the new version. I have done several clients: from 2002 to 2009; 2008-2012; 2009-2012 with no problems. If you have a very old version, try contacting a QB ProAdvisor, if they have older versions of QB they can usually update you to a more current version. They might have to work thru a couple of versions to do it, if it is a really old version.

    • Rebecca,
      I see from this older blog that you updated clients to newer versions from much older versions, yet Jim says that upgrading requires a international call to Intuit. We are based in Spain, and do not use the payroll function – mostly for inventory and A/P, inventory,, etc. We currently run PRO 2006. Is it possible to purchase the upgrade for 2015? or will we need to purchase (multiple) full versions? Any help from anyone would be appreciated.


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