It’s been one week since Thanksgiving Day, but there’s plenty to still be thankful for. I’m personally still feeling blessed by my family, friends, state of health, and the wonders of the central Colorado mountains. I’m thankful for my customers and readers (you! Thanks!)

But can you be thankful for QuickBooks? Well, sure! I personally use QuickBooks to analyze fundamental aspects of my business’ health and to take advantage of opportunities.

In particular, I love…

* How QuickBooks 2011 doesn’t make you call in to register, like QB 2010 did. Thanks, Intuit! You listened to your users.

* The Company Snapshot. I’m a visual guy, so I love the bar and pie charts. The numbers just have inherent meaning when I see them that way. The year-to-year comparison charts for income and expenses, and the expense pie chart help me understand trends and movements. Action can be taken accordingly. That’s something to be thankful for!

* The Customer Snapshot. You guessed it…another screen with graphs! A great tool to review key customer accounts. Shows you sales history, best selling items, year-over-year sales comparison. Good stuff.

* The ever-expanding list of add-on services that work with QuickBooks. Intuit is becoming the 800 pound gorilla of software-as-a-service offerings for small business. They keep rolling out new Intuit-hosted services. But perhaps more importantly, they partner with more and more third party developers who create solid, well-tested QuickBooks solutions that live in the cloud but talk to QuickBooks on your desktop.

That’s a very good thing. It creates the prospect of an explosive growth path for both vertical and horizontal market additions to QuickBooks functionality, without having to create kazillions of new QuickBooks editions and subeditions. I like that. Thankful for it? Absolutely!

I’m discovering that there are myriad details and moments in a regular day that can be opportunities for thanksgiving — even if it’s not a particular Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Are You Thankful for…QuickBooks?

  1. Thankful? No. The handling of VAT is still garbage. And of course not everybody has any connection with Thanksgiving. Just two more examples of the USA-centricity of Quickbooks

    • Job, I don’t speak for QuickBooks or Intuit, just for myself. You’re right — not everyone has a connection with Thanksgiving. But lots of countries besides America have a Thanksgiving-like custom. Thankfulness as an attitude is not an American notion. So I guess I don’t get your USA-centric idea — feel free to elaborate. Sorry VAT in QB isn’t working out so well for you.


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