With the 2010 version, QuickBooks added a new feature called the Company Snapshot. It gives you a consolidated screen of most-important information about your company’s finances.

quickbooks company snapshot

There are bar graphs, pie charts, and key lists of accounts. Most of them are related to income/expense trends, comparative figures for current/last year, and most important A/R and A/P accounts. Good stuff to get a handle on the financial big picture at one look.

Intuit gives you some up-sell options, but they don’t seem too intrusive.

These bar graphs show trends for income and expense, and you can view different time frames. This is a simple but very important metric for small business owners and managers to follow — are sales going up, or not? Are we making a profit, or not? A lot of businesses fail for lack of such basic financial information, and QuickBooks makes it easy to grasp the trends here very quickly.

Another bar graph I like is Top Customers by Sales. Look at it and ask yourself how much attention you are giving to those accounts. They are not ones to be neglected…rather, they are the ones most likely to continue giving you substantial orders or contracts. Again, QuickBooks 2010 makes it easy to see it.

There are 3rd party solutions that do even more with the dashboard concept for QuickBooks, but the built-in Company Snapshot is a good approach for a lot of small businesses.

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