Although we have been able to repair damaged Canadian QuickBooks files for a long time, we have only recently begun providing Canadian users of QuickBooks with a service to condense their large data files.

This is a good solution when Canadian QuickBooks is becoming slow or unstable due to large company file size. Users describe situations where it takes 30 seconds or more to save an invoice, or minutes to run a large report. When we can delete old information in the file, the processing time for those tasks shrinks significantly.

The process is straightforward. The user tells us the cut off date they want to use, typically from one to three years back. They upload their data to us securely on a Friday afternoon. We remove closed transaction data prior to the cut off date and make the condensed file available to them later on that same weekend.

Account balances remain the same, and Canadian tax reporting is all preserved.

We can create a test copy of the condensed data for the user’s evaluation in advance of the final work, and there is no charge for creating the test copy.

For more information, call 1-800-999-9209 or click here.

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