Sometimes folks find themselves in a place they don’t want to be. Using QuickBooks Enterprise, for instance.

We have talked to people with these scenarios:

* They were given a free copy of Enterprise a year ago, and have entered lots of data. But now they need to pay for support, and the Enterprise support is more than they want to pay.

* They were using Pro or Premier. Then they outsourced their bookkeeping for awhile and their outside bookkeeper converted their file from Pro or Premier to Enterprise. Now they are taking the books back in-house, but don’t own an Enterprise license.

* They were sold Enterprise. But they don’t really need the extra horsepower that Enterprise provides. Their operation would be just as well handled by Pro or Premier.

In situations like these, people sometimes feel stuck. You can upgrade a company data file from Pro or Premier to Enterprise within QuickBooks, but you can’t go back. Well, not within QuickBooks anyway.

But in actuality, you can downgrade your edition. Your company data file can be downgraded from Enterprise to Pro or Premier.

How does it work? You send your existing Enterprise file to us over a secure internet connection. We convert the file from Enterprise to the edition of your choice: Pro or Premier. We send you the converted file back to you over the same secure internet connection.

You can restore the file in your edition of Pro or Premier and all the information will be there. It will be as if that file had been created in Pro or Premier in the first place. All your user data, memorized reports and transactions, customer, vendor, payroll detail and all the rest will be in place.

This can save thousands of dollars in incremental support costs every year.

Alternatively, you can create a new company in Pro or Premier, and then export data from Enterprise and import it into Pro or Premier. You can use the export/import tools from within QuickBooks to do bring over lists, or 3rd party export/import tools to bring over some transactions too.

Getting your file downgraded, however, is the turnkey approach.

24 thoughts on “Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier

  1. How much does it cost to convert a file from Enterprise to Pro? I have a personal file and a company file. Actually, I have 5 company files (but i only need to convert one – unless it’s all the same price).

    this is very frustrating – i wish i never upgraded to Enterprise.

    thanks for your help.

    • I agree I am very frustrated. I have already spent alot of $$$ to purchase these programs and now I can’t even use the Quickbooks Pro that I just purchased. I also wish I had never upgraded to Enterprise. I feel that Quickbooks should do the downgrade servise for Free or ALOT cheaper than $350 per file. I have 5 files also, this would cost me $1,750.. REALLY. I am very Upset about this whole issue. It has really messed up my accounting.

      • Mark,

        I understand your frustration. FYI, we are not QuickBooks — we are a third party consulting group that specializes in accounting databases. We can probably work out a bundle deal on your 5 files if you want to contact me.

        Thanks for the comment.

    • Hello,
      Our company currently is stuck with QB’s Enterprise and have the “Enhanced Inventory” feature enabled. QB’s is saying that the feature can not be turned off and therefore we can not down grade to Premier. We are going to go on a moth to month Enterprise subscription and find out a way to down grade. Is this something your company can do for us?

  2. This situation sounds so similar. I was “strong-armed” by QB to purchase the Enterprise system when my Pro would no longer handle the multiple customer names in my database. I am a single file user with two workstations for one company. I’m currently using EP version 14.0 but, I’m willing to purchase the Pro or Premier if my data can successfully be transferred.

  3. I have two company files that i would like to convert. One is extremely small, just started last fall, the other has several years of data in the file.

    I would be interested to know what the cost would be to convert these files from enterprise to 2016 premier.

    We thought we were going to be able to use enterprise to bring our companies in Africa online, but it doesn’t work.

    Look forward to a response.

    thank you.

  4. Hi there, My company uses QB Enterprise 2004. We need to upgrade – and I’d rather upgrade to QB Pro. Is there any way to do this?

  5. I wanted to send you the two files I have to see if it can be done and what the price will be. Please let me know. Thank you.

  6. Dear All,
    I want to know that is it possible to shift from one version of quick books to others. for instance from enterprise to premiere, similarly from pro to mac

  7. I just spoke to quickbooks, they said you CANNOT open a quickbooks enterprise file on quickbooks pro, it can only be opened in enterprise

    • Hi User,

      It’s true, you cannot. Enteprise and Pro/Premier have different formats. But we can convert the Enterprise file to QB Pro format, so you can open it in Pro. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hi I need to convert my enterprise 14 company file to Premier Accountant 2020.

    Can someone help me with instructions to do so?

    I cant wait days for the conversion

    Thank you

  9. I bought 2020 Pro and found out later that QB does not support downgrades from Enterprise. I’m interested in your conversion service but have a few questions.
    What is time frame/ turn around time?
    If I really do in fact need to keep Enterprise, I’d like to ask a non QB employee. I know their answer is the most expensive option.
    Thank you


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