How can you save money on your IT budget? One way is to downgrade from Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

Who can do that? Anyone who has 13,000 or fewer total list names (customers, vendors, accounts, etc.) The actual limit in Pro/Premier is 14,500, but you’ll want to retain some room to grow those lists. You can press the F2 key in QuickBooks to see how many total names your company has. You’ll also want to downgrade only if your total number of users fits with the capacities of the Pro or Premier editions. Pro supports up to three simultaneous users, and Premier supports up to five.

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What do users say who’ve had their data converted in this way?

Great insights in the conversion of a HUGE database from Enterprise to Pro.  Conversion worked with no problems — highly, highly satisfied.”
— Tim Garrison, The Controllership Group

“I was very impressed with the turnaround time for this. I also asked around and had others confirm that the price is a good one, especially for the quick turnaround we received.  I have used the new version for a month or two now, and all of the information appears to have been successfully brought over.”
— Angel Vail, Christadora

Data migrated from QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro with 100% accuracy. Was able to immediately use the database. And this after tech support warned me that it could not be done!” — Steve Rollins

Interested in learning more about downgrading from QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions to QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier editions? Get details.

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