Nobody said it was easy making a living in this economy.

The good news is that if you have solid experience with QuickBooks, there are jobs out there for you, if you are looking for one.

The QuickBooks Jobs Forum lists QuickBooks-related jobs that are coming up every day.

Some examples:

Administrative assistant with QuickBooks experience in Brooklyn, NY

QuickBooks bookkeeper and file clerk in Harbor City, CA

And if you are lucky enough to be visiting Vancouver for the Olympics and you fall in love with the area, there is an opening there for an accountant with QuickBooks proficiency.

Supposedly, the entrepreneurial sector of the economy is the fastest growing element right now. And new small businesses need help with the books (and hopefully realize that!) If you are an employer hiring for a QuickBooks bookkeeping position, post your need on the forum. It’s free, and most of the listings are getting 60 or more views.

What is your experience with the QuickBooks-related  job market? Do you think it is favorable now?

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