This happens to some QuickBooks users: When they open the program, they get an Internet Explorer dialog box that opens up in QuickBooks (not in IE) and asks “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?”

You have to say NO several times before QuickBooks will finish loading up. What’s that about? It is an annoyance.

If you are getting these prompts, here’s the workaround:

Open up Internet Explorer (even if IE is not your default browser).

Click Tools / Internet Options / Security / Custom Level.

Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section. For “Display Mixed Content”, click the Enable radio button. OK your changes.

The next time you open QuickBooks, voila! No nagging message from Internet Explorer in QuickBooks.

2 thoughts on “Get Rid of Annoying “Webpage Content” Prompts at Startup

  1. Great tip Shannon! I struggled with this on myself for several weeks on a Vista laptop. IE is NOT my default browser so I had to hunt and peck for a couple of weeks before finding the setting you mention. It was time-consuming and very frustrating.

  2. Nancy, glad you like the tip. Yes, it’s a bit odd to have to tweak out a browser that you don’t use, but at least it’s a straightforward fix once you know where to look.


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