QuickBooks Desktop 2018 was released to the public in October. What new features are being introduced? Are there some new capabilities you’ve been waiting for?

Here are some excerpts from online reviews by QuickBooks experts to help you get a handle on just a few of the most important 2018 distinctives. Click the links to read the full reviews.

QuickBooks 2018 Desktop: What’s New – Our Summary — William Murphy

Multi-monitor support (for up to three monitors) makes it easy to move a QuickBooks window to a different monitor than the monitor where QuickBooks was resident. It also means that pop-up windows associated with the working window will appear on the correct monitor. That means no more having to track down pop-up messages hidden behind an un-associated window.

Top 5 New Features Right Networks Customers Need To Know About QuickBooks Desktop 2018 — Mike Ferrigno, Right Networks

Past Due” Stamp — Nobody likes to think about a situation where they might not get paid on time, or perhaps not paid at all. But most accounting professionals and their clients can probably recall a time where they’ve written “PAST DUE” on an invoice… maybe you’ve even done it with a big, red marker – hoping that might help hurry things along.

With 2018, a neat new feature is available where QuickBooks can automatically add a “past due” notice onto overdue invoices for emailing or printing.

QuickBooks 2018 Security, Accountants and More — Charlie Russell

Merge Vendors. This provides you with the ability to merge up to 4 vendors at a time.

This is a change that will save you time and effort if you find that you need to merge multiple vendor records often. It isn’t something that I come across often (since I don’t do “cleanup” work), but apparently it is something that many accounting professionals have requested.

New and Improved Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 — Laura Madeira

Payroll Liability Payment Reminder. Helps make sure you and your clients are reminded of upcoming payroll liability payments. On the Home page, QuickBooks displays a red reminder badge seven days prior to the scheduled payment due date. This reminder prominently displays on the Home page, helping to increase peace of mind that future payroll liabilities payments are not missed.

Intuit Pushes Through Big Price Increases on QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2018 Edition — Scott Gregory

First wave of price increases starts October 2017. The list price of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2018 was raised 10% for BOTH the monthly plan and annual plan options as of 10/1/2017. This is the first price increase on the subscription model since it was introduced in 2015. This pricing will apply to subscription renewals that come due in October 2017 or for new subscriptions that begin in October 2017.

So what do you think, users? Any of the new features particularly grab you?

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9 thoughts on “Highlighting the Reviews of QuickBooks 2018

  1. I love the idea of using QB on multiple monitors. I wish I could convert an Estimate to a PO. I’m using 2015; if that is a feature in a new edition I would upgrade today.

  2. If you use or might use the new feature(s) I thing it might be worth the upgrade. For me they just don’t apply and I can’t see paying for 2018 when my 2016 does all I need it to do.

    I do get why the new versions come out – it’s called marketing.

  3. Most of the updates and improvements in the QuickBooks 2018 have been made by keeping customer’s review and expert’s feedback in mind. That’s why they have been able to take this year’s edition to another level from where it feels like the most powerful accounting apps.
    Other features of the 2108 edition include new keyword shortcuts and inventory report enhancement.

  4. What’s needed is the option to print the results of an item list search, or at least make it a report. Countless times I’ve needed just the results of my search but all I can do is print the ENTIRE list. I end up pasting screenshots into Word – a waste of time.

  5. We are a small American Legion Post and are using QuickBooks 2013 on a members computer. Our Post is a 501C19 not for profit. We do not have any of the registration info and can not find the CD. As our new Finance Officer, I am buying QuickBooks Pro 2018 to install on my computer and need to move our Company files to my computer from QB2013. I would greatly appreciate any info and steps you can provide. My thought was to load QB2018 on my computer, Locate and copy our files from his computer and them place them on my computer and open them in QB2018 ?????


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