Do you want to delete old Quickbooks company files you don’t need anymore? How do you do that?

You do it through Windows, not QuickBooks. If you don’t know where your files are located (press F2 in QuickBooks to see where you keep your files) then you can open My Computer (or equivalent in your version of Windows), and open up the folder where the old company files reside.

It is often in a place like C: / Documents / Intuit / QuickBooks / Company Files

For each of your old companies, you’ll see a few files (QBW, ND, TLG, maybe others). You can select each of those files that has your company name, and press the Del key to delete them.

It would probably be a good idea to backup up those files before you delete them! Just in case!

Afterwards, those companies won’t show up in QuickBooks on your list of available companies. Those files will probably go to your Recycle Bin until you empty it, but don’t assume you can restore them back to good working order. Don’t delete them unless you’re really ready to see them go away for good.



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4 thoughts on “How Do I Delete Old Company Files?

  1. We have been using Quickbooks since 2008, but Incorporated in 2012. We want to clean all old entries and data from our current working copy of Quickbooks and only have the program be able to access from October 1 2012 to the present. But, we may still need the old data to keep on another drive just in case we have to look up older payroll or invoice items. Is there a way to do this?

  2. Another tip, which I have found useful:

    Open the company file that you want to keep before deleting any files.
    If you attempt to delete your active file, by mistake, you won’t be able to delete it – you will get an error message saying that the file cannot be deleted because it is in use.


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