Businesses everywhere are looking for places to tighten the belt without harming the business.

One potential way to do this is to downsize your accounting program. This is possible to do if you are currently using QuickBooks Enterprise Edition but don’t need all the accounting horsepower found in Enterprise. You can downgrade.

The Premier Edition of QuickBooks offers most of the same accounting features, but at greatly reduced prices for software upgrades and annual support plans:

Cost of software upgrade (as of 9/2/11):

  • Enterprise (5 user)… $2,400.00 vs.  Premier (3 user)… $319.95

Cost for one year of Intuit support (as of 9/2/11):

  • Enterprise (5 users)… $850.00 vs.  Premier… $349.00

If you move from Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro, the cost savings are even greater.

There are three ways to move your existing company data from Enterprise to Premier or Pro edition:

  1. Export your lists from Enterprise and import them into a blank company in Premier or Pro. Then enter beginning balances and reenter open or pending transactions as of a certain date, and go forward from there.
  2. Do option #1, but buy 3rd party software to export and import certain transactions.
  3. Use the Edition Downgrade Service offered by AccountingUsers, Inc. It’s a turnkey service for under $500, and all transactions are retained, including payroll and inventory.

Any of these three options can result in significant long-term savings in your IT budget.

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