Unless someone from Intuit wants to chime in and give us current figures, there are different ways to estimate the number of businesses using QuickBooks:

In mid-2008, Intuit claimed that QuickBooks had 3.7 million users, representing 94.2% of the business accounting market.

A current Intuit webpage asserts that QuickBooks holds 85% retail market share in small business accounting software.

SCORE says there were an estimated 29.6 million small businesses in America in 2009. How many of them license their own accounting software? Who knows? The vast majority of the ones who do their books in-house, however, have got to be using QuickBooks.

It’s a huge market, and there are thousands of software developers in the Intuit Developer Network who want to reach that install base. These developers can try to get their app listed in the Intuit App Center.

Those select apps have a built-in marketing connection to the user base, at least for users of the 2010 and 2011 versions of QuickBooks. The App Center — located as a button on the QuickBooks icon bar — makes those apps just one click away from the user. Selected add-on developers can also advertise on QuickbooksUsers.com.

How about users in the cloud?  Intuit now claims 215,000 users of its QuickBooks Online Edition, with growth last year of 44%.

Any way you look at it, QuickBooks dominates the SMB accounting software market.

18 thoughts on “How Many QuickBooks Users Are There?

  1. I think it would be more relevant for us Australian users to be given figures here in Australia. American figures are nothing to do with us. I would be much more intereted to know the number of users and percentges here in Australia.

  2. As far my intellect goes, Quickbooks serves the needs of small business establishments. Also, I haven’t much heard about any real big dealers using this software; may be my lack of knowledge. I would like to clarify it by myself. You can see this as the concerns of a potential buyer. primarily, I would like to know how the U.S customers of Quickbooks comments about the software. If you can show me some links, or mail me about twenty five wholesale merchandise distributors in U.S.A who uses Quickbooks, it would be very helpful for me. Hope you’ll consider my request. Thank you.

  3. hi, Shan. I have already read a lot of online customer reviews. Tell me this; would you be satisfied with online reviews only, if you were on a verge to replace your currently running software with a completely new one? Shan, I want to know whether it is useful for larger business establishments like wholesale dealers. Seriously, I tried searching the web to find some customer websites, but I couldn’t find any. That’s why I thought just ask for someone’s help here.

  4. Thanks Shan. I have looked over the features and I feel this would help me a great deal. I can’t take a risk of trying the software for a few weeks and upgrading it later. That’s why I am looking for real big users from USA of this software. Don’t worry if you can’t supply me with the information. I will continue my search and I might get the information I want. Thank you for your co-operation.

  5. On October 5, 2011, the CEO of Xero said there were 50,000 paying business organizations running Xero, with 200,000 users. The last numbers he or I heard from Intuit were 230,000 users for QuickBooks Online. This means that a three year old program will soon have more users than this10 year old Intuit program.

    Of course, Intuit has been very lazy in adding Xero, Yodlee and Intuit Mint-like automatic bank feeds to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop. I discussed automating these, even beyond the Mint level, with an enthusiastic senior manager more that 7 years ago. It is inexpensive and free of technical problems, so the delay can only relate to having Intuit try to protect its substantial user base for existing programs. In the case of Xero, however, this delay is turning an Intuit product (QuickBooks Online) into an also-ran, for the first time since 1983.

    On the other hand, I always said I would rather spend an hour at the dentist to an hour using QuickBooks Online. It seems that many effectively feel this way.

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  10. i want to know the job opportunities in Australia in quick book on line accounting.is quick book learning institute available in Australia

  11. what is the process for doing quickbook certification course in Australia.please send me what the institutes are available for quick book certification. please send me details to my email id


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