Intuit has streamlined some of the process of installing and registering QuickBooks 2014. The more streamlined and simple the better, as far as I’m concerned.

I downloaded and installed both QuickBooks 2014 Accountant (Premier) and QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition 14. They both installed and went through the installation and registration processes in identical fashion. I would assume that the QuickBooks Pro 2014 version does the same.

When you install QuickBooks 2014, you start by entering your QuickBooks license number and product number. You’ve got to get that entered correctly before it begins unpacking itself onto your hard drive.

Once it does start installing in earnest, it begins the registration process while the installation proceeds. Here’s what you’ll see at one point in the process:

quickbooks 2014 installation
Register while installing

You enter three short screens of information, and that will be enough to complete the install and open QuickBooks 2014.

Now at this point, your copy of QuickBooks is still officially ‘unregistered’. If you click “My Company” in the navigation pane, you’ll see that (in big red letters!)

I don’t know why that is; you would think that the registration process that took place during installation would be sufficient. But it’s not. You’ve got 30 days to register your installation.

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When you click the link in QuickBooks to register your copy, it will bring up a window asking for your phone number and zip code. That has got to agree with the phone number and zip code in your Intuit account profile. Enter it and you’re in like Flynn. You don’t have to wade through any promo screens, or call an 800 number or anything unpleasant like that to complete your registration.

The registration process is not quite as streamlined as I think it could be, but it’s not bad. Have you installed and registered QuickBooks 2014 yet? What was your experience like?

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