Did you notice that blog.quickbooksonline.com stayed up even when quickbooksonline.com and quickbooksonline.intuit.com went down?

I’m talking about those few hours on July 14 when many of Intuit’s websites and online servers were unavailable because of a commercial power failure in San Diego.

I tried several Intuit sites and subsites during the episode, and that blog was the only Intuit site I could access. (I didn’t try Intuit’s non-US sites or tax software sites.)

But blog.quickbooksonline.com never went down, and started posting helpful status updates that morning.

How did the blog manage to stay up and running? Because it’s not on Intuit’s servers. The blog’s DNS resolves to wordpress.com — WordPress’ hosted version of their renowned blogging platform.

If the blog had been self-hosted on one of Intuit’s servers, it too would have been unavailable during those hours. It was a good thing that at least part of QuickBooks Online’s web presence was located somewhere else.

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2 thoughts on “How the QuickbooksOnline blog stayed online when all else went down

  1. Hey Shannon – QBO Bermster here. 🙂 We host our blog with wordpress, this has been beneficial (as you know) when an outage affects other Intuit systems. It has allowed us to keep the conversation open with customers. Thanks, Kristen Berman (product manager)

    • Hi Kristen, glad to meet you! Yes, I saw some of your posts there and I’m sure they helped a ton of folks. I tried to tweet the link a bit 🙂

      We self-host our WP blog, so it’s wrapped up in our main site…pros and cons, right?


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