If you want to tweak the content of your QuickBooks-generated emails, it’s easy to do.

Open your company in QuickBooks and click Edit / Preferences / Send Forms / Company Preferences

You can then change the default email template for a number of forms, and for reports in general.

Let’s say you want to add an invoice number to your emailed invoices’ subject line. Click on Change default for Invoices

You’ll see kind of a template for your emailed invoices.

In the subject line prompt, make sure that <NUM> is there, e.g. “Invoice <NUM> from Rock Castle Construction”

emailed invoice

This is also the place where you can change verbiage in the body of your emailed invoice or add a bcc email address (nice if you want a copy of the invoice to come back to you).

You can use this method to make changes to email templates for these forms in QuickBooks 2012:

* Invoices
* Estimates
* Statements
* Sales Orders
* Sales Receipts
* Credit Memos
* Purchase Orders
* Reports
* Pay Stubs
* Overdue Invoices
* Almost-Due Invoices

Anyone have any other tips on customizing emailable documents in QuickBooks?

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85 thoughts on “How to Change an Email Template in QuickBooks

  1. is it possible to edit the email template that is above the standard text that you can edit?

    In my email it starts with my company name then invoice number – due date and amount due…

    Then is starts the Dear….

    So would it be possible to edit the part above?

  2. Can it include my personalized company salutation when it sends the information over from quickbooks and puts it into outlook for emailing?

  3. I can follow these directions to the point of actually making a change of our phone number on the e-mail message but it will not let me make the change. I add the new number & then get a message saying “Stock template cannot be modified”. What am I doing wrong?


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