Sometimes you want to see all the lines and columns on a report, including those with just zero figures.

Sometimes you don’t.

You can tweak out each report in QuickBooks according to whether you want to display or suppress zeroes on the report.

When you run a report in QuickBooks, you’ll have a “Customize Report” button in the upper left corner of the report window. Click it.

customize a quickbooks report

This will bring up the main window for you to make changes to your report formatting. Click the Advanced button in the lower right.

quickbooks modify report dialog

The Advanced Options window will appear.

quickbooks customize report - advanced options

You can make different choices here according to what you want to see on your report:

* Display Rows options. You can choose to see only active accounts, all accounts, or only non-zero accounts.

* Display Columns options. Same choices here as for display rows.

When you’ve made your changes and approved the results, you can click the Memorize button at the top of the report, assign a memorized report name for this version of the report, and click OK. It will save this formatted version of your report to the list of memorized reports for your company. So whenever you run that memorized report again, it will have all of your zero formatting options already in place.

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