You might want to rename your QuickBooks company file for one of several reasons:

* You are making major changes to your file and want to have a copy of your original file handy for reference purposes.

* You are getting your file supercondensed, and want to keep the original, renamed file for historical reporting.

* Your legal name or DBA has changed and you want your file to reflect that.

So how do you change it’s name? It’s pretty easy.

First of all, exit QuickBooks, and have all other QuickBooks users exit the program.

In Windows, open My Computer, or your network drive, or wherever you keep your QuickBooks file. (If you don’t know where it is kept, run QuickBooks and open your company, then press the F2 key. It will tell you where your file is. Then exit QuickBooks.)

Drill down to the folder where your QuickBooks file is located. It might be somewhere like Public Documents /Intuit / QuickBooks / Company Files

You’ll see your company file there. QuickBooks maintains one or two folders that include your file’s name (depending on your QuickBooks version) and a handful of auxiliary files with your file name.

For each of those, right-click on the file and select Rename. Give it the new name you want. Avoid the use of special characters except for hyphens or underscore characters. Rename each folder or file with the new name.

You may have a folder like “Your company name – Images” and “Restored_Your company name_Files”. Rename the “Your company name” part to your new company name.

That does it as far as renaming the file at the Windows level.

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When you run QuickBooks, rather than opening the company from the first screen, click the QuickBooks menu for File / Open or Restore Company / Open a Company File. Select the NEW company name.

You probably want to change the file’s internal name too, so that no one gets confused about which file is which. So click on at the QuickBooks menu for Company / Company Information…

You can then easily change the internal name of the company to match what its file name is. That way, whenever you open the company and it displays the name at the top of the QuickBooks window, it will show the new name.

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4 thoughts on “How to Rename a QuickBooks Company File

  1. Very useful article – it helped me re-organize my QB file and folder structure in a jiffy..!!!
    Thanks a lot Shannon!


  2. This was very helpful. I have wanted to change the company file name for a long time and this walked me through the process with ease. Thank you.

    I see the old company name in open previous company. Should I leave it or close of delete it?

    • Hi Linda,

      I’m glad it seemed helpful! And yes, the old name will appear on the “previous” list. You can ignore it and the new name will come up the next time. Thanks for your question and comment.


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