This is a great time of year to prepare your QuickBooks file for 2014.

If your file has gotten too big, slow, or unstable, why not take action now so that QuickBooks will work better for you in the new year? Big files have a tendency to get slower and less stable over time. File size growth is an inevitable progression if left alone.

If you get your file supercondensed, however, your file’s size will drop by 60-80%. You’ll notice that your bottleneck processes in QuickBooks speed up, and that QuickBooks will be less crash-prone.

If you are using QuickBooks 2012, 2013, or 2014, you can try running the built-in Condense command and see what it does. When it works, it works great. We hear from a lot of users, however, who have problems of one type or another when trying to run the built-in condense command. That’s where supercondensing comes into play: We can supercondense files that fail a regular QuickBooks condense.

When we supercondense a file, you upload your file to us and tell us what cut off date you want us to use. We remove almost all of the closed transactions dated before that cut off date. This will reduce the file’s size significantly. The file we return to you is smaller, faster, and more stable.

Your balance sheets and profit and loss statements for the years after the cut off date will be correct and your customer and vendor balances will not change. Your file will be not only small, but healthy: it will pass verify and rebuild without problems, even if your file fails those processes in its current condition.

If you need to run reports or queries for transactions before the cut off date, you simply open a copy of your original file that has been left on your system.

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Turnaround for supercondensing is over a weekend, so there would be no weekday downtime for your critical accounting operations.

Get more details about having your QuickBooks file supercondensed here.


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3 thoughts on “How to Start 2014 with a Small QuickBooks File

  1. Hello,

    A couple questions. We have a very large file, 1346728K. I am going to try the rebuild and condense tonight before I go the super condense route. What is the cost to super condense this size file and can it be done on a Saturday after 7:00pm in time to open Monday at 9:00am.

    Also we are in the process of looking at POS systems that work with Quickbooks. Is there a better solution out there that deals with inventory than quickbooks? We are currently using Quickbooks enterprise solutions 2013.

    Thank you,


  2. Hello Tommy,

    The cost would depend on a couple of other factors. If you’d like to give me a call at 719-395-8750 I can get the other details and work up a quote for you.

    As far as scheduling, we should be able to accommodate that window of time. We do whatever we can to eliminate user downtime.

    I am not personally familiar with POS offerings for QuickBooks these days. I would suggest you check out this link at the Intuit Marketplace:

    Thanks for the questions.


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