For one reason or another, you may find yourself in a position where QuickBooks needs to be reinstalled:

* QuickBooks won’t start anymore on your computer
* QuickBooks crashes because it can’t load pieces of its own program anymore
* Viruses or malware corrupted the QuickBooks installation on your computer.
* Your hard drive crashed and was replaced with a new hard drive
* You replaced your old QuickBooks computer with a new one

So you need to reinstall. Before you reinstall, however, there are two things you should do first:


Theoretically, reinstalling QuickBooks as per below shouldn’t do anything to your existing data. BUT, you can never be too careful, especially before performing system functions. So make a backup or your company data first. If you can’t run QuickBooks to make a backup, then make a copy of your company data with Windows, and copy it somewhere off your hard drive (a cloud drive, a USB drive, etc.) That way, if something goes really wrong with the reinstall steps, at least your data will not be lost.


If QuickBooks is already installed on your hard drive, you should first uninstall the existing QuickBooks installation before you install the software again.

Where do you do that? There is no uninstall option under your QuickBooks group in your Start List. So you uninstall it through Windows.

(The following shows how to do this with Windows 7. Other versions of Windows may be slightly different.)

Get to your Windows Control Panel. Click on Programs and Features. You will see a list of every program installed on your computer.  Scroll down until you see your QuickBooks program in the list. Double-click it.


It will bring up the QuickBooks Maintenance Wizard. Click Next. You will see this:



Select Remove and finish.

QuickBooks will be uninstalled/removed from your computer.

[If your QuickBooks program was too badly damaged for the uninstall to work, then omit that step.]


Find your original install CD, or if you downloaded your QuickBooks program, the downloaded install file.

If your software is on a CD, insert it in your CD drive and follow the instructions to install it.

If you downloaded your QuickBooks program, then locate and double-click your downloaded QuickBooks install program and follow the prompts.


[If you don’t know where you downloaded your QuickBooks program to, search your computer for setup_quickbooks to find the download file(s). One way to search (with Windows 7) is to press the Windows key on your keyboard, and then enter setup_quickbooks in the prompt that appears.]

If you don’t have the CD anymore, and/or you can’t find your download install file anymore, click here for links to download install files from Intuit.

At some point in the install process, you’ll be prompted for your product code and license number in order for the install to complete. You should have received those codes with your CD packaging, or if you downloaded QuickBooks, with your download order. If you don’t have the codes, you’ll have to call Intuit to get them.

After your product is installed, you’ll need to register it. Most of the time, you can do that without having to talk to Intuit.

After you’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, and registered QuickBooks, how does it work? Great, hopefully.

If not, here’s one more tool that might help.

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19 thoughts on “How to Uninstall or Reinstall QuickBooks

  1. We have encountered numerous instances when re-installed QuickBooks did not function properly, especially with respect to 3-rd party application interfaced via Intuit SDK. I would also suggest uninstall/reinstall Intuit SDK. Also I found that using reputable uninstall package provides much more clean uninstall. I can wholeheartedly suggest Revo uninstaller.

  2. I tried to reinstall Quick Books Pro 2011, many times with not success, I called even customer support Case 504511313 without any success

  3. Hi I have a brand new disk Pro Desktop 2016 and it won’t install on my PC.
    It just takes hours to install microsoft net Framework 4.0 and then go back to installing again. No help available from Intuit, uk number always busy, can’t register to Intuit helpline, very frustrated !! Anybody out there who could help ?

  4. Hi Shannon.
    If I cannot export reports to Excel, what would he fix be? I havr already repaired excel to no avail.
    I believe theres an issue because I installed quuckbooks first then excel on my machine. Could this cause the problem? Should I reinstall QB now?
    Also, I am using the code that comes with college book, if I uninstall and then reinstall, it will allow me to use the same code…correct?

    • Hi Ashleigh,

      The Excel problem could be because of several things, but I doubt if reinstalling would fix it. I don’t think the order of installation would cause a problem. You might ask your question on the QuickBooks Forums ( and give more detail and perhaps you can find an answer there. Thanks for your question.

  5. hi there I am having a problem uninstall pervasive from my windows 10. Reason I need to uninstall it is that it is not working and therefore I am unable to use my Quickbooks key player. Please can someone assist me on this as this is quite urgent

    • Hello Gie,

      No, reinstalling normally doesn’t do anything to your data files. But it’s always a good idea to backup your data before you reinstall, or upgrade your software. Thanks for your question.

  6. I have tried Windows uninstall multiple times. It just sits there – for hours. It refuses to uninstall. Is there another way to uninstall it?

  7. If I reinstall Quickbooks, will I lose all my data? Backing up is not an option since I can’t even get the program to start. Thank you.


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