We frequently hear from people that they can’t backup their QuickBooks file:

* The verification stage of the backup process fails

* The backup command crashes

* Regular backups can be made, but portable files cannot be created

The problem might be media related, but it’s most often caused by data corruption. Here are the DIY fixes:

* Rebuild your company data (File / Utilities / Rebuild Data) and try again. The Rebuild command can often fix things in the file that prevents a verified backup from being created.

* Try backing up to a local hard drive, instead of to a network server, cloud drive, external drive, or USB drive. All those kinds of drives, besides a local hard drive, could possibly have connectivity or speed issues that would prevent a successful backup being made. Try backing up to your Windows Desktop and see what happens.

Still having problems? Then your data is probably corrupted to the point where the Rebuild command can’t fix it. If that is the case, you have three options:

1. Restore your last good backup and go forward from there. That might or might not require a good bit of data rekeying.

2. Get your current, damaged data repaired.

3. Ignore the problem. There are some obvious risks with doing this, but sometimes data can be damaged enough to prevent a verified backup being made, but that otherwise doesn’t cause errors in the operation of QuickBooks. If you choose this option, you can turn off the verification option in the backup command so that you can still make backups. Please note, however, that you are backing up damaged data.

Any other thoughts on this? Any other options or workarounds to consider?

12 thoughts on “I Can’t Backup My QuickBooks File! Help!

  1. A 4th option is to look at the verification log and address any problem that is identified there. Recently, I created payroll and for some reason one paycheck caused the verification error just as the article states. The log normally should not list a specific check or name, but when it does you know that it is the item causing your verification error. Fix it and you are able to back up again. Once I knew how to interpret the log file, it was a 5 minute fix.

    • Hi Karen,

      You’re right! For users unfamiliar with that, you can access the qbwin.log file by pressing the F2 key when you have your company file open in QuickBooks. Then press the F3 key. Then select Open File. Scroll down and find the QBWIN.LOG file and open it. It will pop up a window with that report in it. It’s full of technospeak, but if you scroll down through it you can try to find a specific transaction(s) that is problematic. You can then edit or delete that transaction and see if your file will then pass verification.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Can someone please tell me how to read this and how to fix it. I have been staring at it and searching for these transaction numbers for over an hour. 🙁 Cant backup or get my files verified. Cant change anything because I have an accountant copy out. 🙁 Not sure what to do.

    verify.c (6711) : CHECKPOINT: 4420: Mon Mar 20 10:56:29 Error: Verify Target: Invalid Received/Invoiced Flag: Target = 104315 Master = 104309 View = 24.

  3. Excuse me. Could you do me a favor?
    After having back up a file, my Quickbook has notified that I had already saved a back up of the company file (I use local backup). But when I try to open that back up file. It is just a file with type .file not a QBs Backup Company file. So it also means I couldn’t have saved my back up file.
    I had tried many way like veryfing, rebuild data; download QB doctor or also download new QB but nothing had been solved. Could you help me to fix this problem, please? Thank you very much. I am looking forward to your reply
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Hi Van,

      Well maybe it’s just a terminology issue, but you can’t open a backup file. You have to restore it. Is that what you’re doing? Also, make sure when you backup the file, you are backing it up to a place that will allow you to create the file. To test, you could try backing it up to your Windows Desktop. Try that and see how it goes. Thanks for your question.

  4. I have a very old version of QB I am having trouble backing up files. When my accountant tried to restore to his computer there was an error message not exactly sure of the message. Should i try to go into file/ utility/ restore or will this not solve my issue

    • Hi Cindy,

      I think we’ll need more details to be able to suggest anything….what version are you using, what version is he/she using, what error is he/she getting. Please advise and maybe I can give options.

  5. I recently have been unable to backup my QB. It started when I received messages to upgrade my version (Pro 2015)which I did not do, is this the reason for my problem?


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