If you’re in danger of something, you want to know. So I wish that QuickBooks had an early warning system. It would be great if QuickBooks would tell you, for example, that you are about to hit a hard capacity limit in the software. But there is no early warning, only an error when you’ve hit the limit.

This is a problem with Pro, Premier, and Accountant editions — Enterprise has much higher limits, and Online doesn’t have a hard limit. But for Pro, Premier, and Accountant, you can only have a sum total of 14,500 names. That includes customers, jobs, vendors, accounts, classes…any kind of name. And separately, you can only have a total of 14,500 items, including inventory, non-inventory items, service items, etc.

When you hit that 14,500 limit, you get an error message that says that you have reached the maximum number of names and you can’t add any more.

This takes people by surprise. We hear from them! They find themselves up against a limit they didn’t know they were edging up to.

It would be better, don’t you think, if you got a warning message when you reached 13,000 names? And another warning at 14,000 names? And another at 14,250? Then you would have time to take action to address the problem before it shuts you down.

Just a thought.

In the meantime, here’s what you should do, without delay: Press the F2 key in QuickBooks. Just do it! You’ll see in the right-hand column of information that appears how many total names you have in your file.

If you are pushing the limit, what can you do? Read on…

I’m About at My QuickBooks Limit for Customers. Help!

Are You Pushing the 14,500 Limit in QuickBooks?


7 thoughts on “I Wish QuickBooks Had an Early Warning System

  1. Thank you for this timely article. I never knew there was a limit on names, nor did I know it was listed on the Product Information page (F2). So I checked mine and found we’re about 2000 names shy of the limit. Thanks to your article, I now have time to address this issue before it’s a problem. Much appreciated!

  2. We checked our names and we are well below the limit. but good to know. Do you know if there is a hard capacity limit for file size?
    We were told at one point that Premier Retail Edition could only have a max file size of 150,000 K, then later was told 190,000 K was still ok. Now file size is 206,000 K and wondering if it will run into a hard limit?

    • Hi Jamie,

      No, there is no hard limit for file size. I think that the practical limit for Premier would be somewhere in the 150-300MB range. The complexity of the transactions, amount of inventory activity, and list sizes would affect where in that range you start to experience sluggishness.

      Thanks for your question.

  3. This was a very timely posting. We just ran into the same issue with an enterprise client that was still using Enhanced Payroll. Apparently during the third quarter they breached the threshold without any warning. Sadly, it was not until they went to transition their payroll services that they even found out. We understand the software will have limitations on the amount of data it can manipulate, but clients do not always know they need to check and it would be great to have a more progressive reminder before they hit the Intuit wall. Who knows maybe they could change a few of their other pop ups to provide some useful information.

  4. QB users should consider removing OLD information from their QB file.
    One generally needs just 1-2 years worth of older information.
    If one uses QB a lot, then the file could be massive! Time to consider making a backup then trim the file down!


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