I icefish for trout on high mountain reservoirs here in Colorado. One of the downsides of ice fishing is the potential danger of going through weak ice. Every ice fisherman has that in the back of his or her mind, especially early and late in the icefishing season when the ice is thinner.

So I thought this video was great. It teaches you how to survive if you happen to go through the ice.

And it got me thinking about what QuickBooks users should do if they crash. Some of the principles are the same as going through thin ice into frigid water.

1. Don’t panic. A great danger to people who break through the ice is that they panic, hyperventilate and drown.

Kinda the same with a QuickBooks crash. People panic and start clicking things and doing things frantically to fix it. They restore files without thinking, delete files without thinking, reinstall things frantically. Don’t do that. Go get a glass of water and calm down.

2. Backup. If you are trying to get out of the water back onto the ice, where should you go? Back where you came from — that ice supported you before, and should support you again.

If QuickBooks crashes, backup, then and there. I know, I know, your data may be corrupted…but back it up anyway. Just copy your company QBW file to your desktop or somewhere where it will be easy to find. (Of course, don’t overwrite any of your previous backups!) Copy your company’s TLG file also (same location, same name, .TLG extension.)

Reason: You may need those files later, even if your data is corrupted. Once you restore a backup, your current data is gone, and you want to keep all your options open.

3. Restore. Once you are back up on the ice, roll back the way you came.

If QuickBooks crashes, roll back to your last backup. Hopefully it is in good condition and not too old.

4. If you need help, call for help fast. Someone can throw you a rope and help you if you can’t get out by yourself.

If your backup situation isn’t as it should be, give us a call. We can take your corrupted current data and fix it for you in just a few hours. Or we can take your old backup and make it current with your current TLG file. 1-800-999-9209

What do you think? Anybody have a story to tell?

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