We interviewed a client, Beth Simons at Transmark, who had a large QuickBooks data file that we supercondensed for her. Here is her story:

AccountingUsers: Beth, thanks for talking with us. To get started, can you tell us a little about your company, and your role there?

Beth Simons: We consist of three companies: fuel transporters, logistics broker, and patent-pending upper coupler supplier. I am the accountant and office manager for all three.

AccountingUsers: What does your office use QuickBooks for?

Beth Simons: Having all three companies on QuickBooks Pro 2012, I use it for everything – from inventory in the upper coupler business to purchase orders for our vendors to estimates for our customers. It takes care of everything I need and has for 14 years!

AccountingUsers: What prompted you to contact us to get some help with your QuickBooks file?

Beth Simons: I receive a weekly newsletter from QuickBooks Expert Scott Gregory and his topic a few weeks ago hit me square in the face – “File Size Problems?” My fuel transportation company file was suffering from these problems: taking forever to run a report (one took six minutes!), random error messages causing QB to shut down on its own, and failure to backup properly. I found out the file size was 30% too large for QB to handle and one day it would crash and burn, making it impossible to open at all. Mr. Gregory highly recommended your service to help me out of this precarious situation.

AccountingUsers: What did you hope would result from getting your file supercondensed? Did you have any particular expectations?

Beth Simons: I wanted to be able to sleep at night again without the threat of my QB imploding! I wanted my QB to go back to the way it was years ago – fast, no errors, and seamless – I wanted it all.

AccountingUsers: So you uploaded your file to us to be supercondensed. What was the process like – the steps you took to send your file, the scheduling and turnaround, etc.?

Beth Simons: Your service took the time to explain every step of the process and what I could expect upon completion. I simply made a portable company file on Friday evening, uploaded it to your secure filebox and went home. I arrived in the office Monday morning and restored the new supercondensed file to my QB.

AccountingUsers: When you got your file back from us, what was it like? How did it perform?

Beth Simons: My QB was off and running – the report that took 6 minutes now ran in 40 seconds – amazing! My evening backups work every time now and no more error messages shutting my program down in the middle of my workday!

AccountingUsers: Anything else you’d like to share about your experience?

Beth Simons: I want to stress how important it is to keep an eye on your QB file size – just hit your F2 key to look at your data information. I spent one week researching all the different avenues of getting my file size back in control. The only real solution was that offered by your file-shrinking service. I cannot thank you enough!

AccountingUsers: Glad to help. Thanks for telling your story.

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