2 thoughts on “My Accountant Wants to See Account Numbers On My QuickBooks Reports

  1. I have the preferences check as my reports still do not include account numbers. Yes, they were set up with them. Any trouble shooting help would be great. Thank you.

  2. Unfortunately, Intuit changed their original default of 4-digit acct. numbers to 5 digits that make no sense. I figured out a way to import the 4-digit acct. #s so I always have acct. numbers on my chart of accts. They’re so much better, easier to use for posting, etc. and easier to train people with since I do a lot of set-up and training on QB. Don’t use the 5-digit #s — they’ll just make a mess of your chart of accts. and are too confusing to use. I have asked Intuit many times in the past to go back to the 4-digit acct. #s but CPAs have made them keep the 5-digit #s instead even tho they don’t understand how to use QB to run businesses. Maybe if more people request the 4-digit #s, we can get it done.


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