my quickbooks wishlistQuickBooks 2013 hasn’t been released yet, but it probably will be pretty soon (new versions usually come out in the early fall). Here’s my wishlist for the new version:

  • Faster, using more processing power and memory for intensive tasks. I’ve watched my Windows systems resources performance monitor while running 2012 Enterprise and Premier. It seems that QuickBooks sometimes leaves a lot of computing resources on the table during intensive processes. Better resource use = faster processes, usually. Seeing less of the “(Not Responding)” message would be nice too.
  • Better performing Condense command. This command crashes a lot of the time. (We are happy, though, to provide our supercondensing alternative which shrinks the file down more than the built-in condense does anyway.)
  • Allow more networked users to be licensed under the Pro and Premier editions. These editions currently max out at three and five users respectively. I think it would be a good thing if Premier users didn’t have to upgrade to Enterprise when they want to add a sixth QuickBooks user on a network, unless they want to.
  • Enhanced dashboard/snapshot. Add trending gross profit or net profit, and multi-year date comparatives
  • Enhanced user permissions control. In particular, an “enter-only” permission where you can set up a user to be able to enter original transactions but not revise them later. And more total lockout of users who don’t have module permission. Three cheers for accounting control! By the way, I got both of these ideas about permissions from some comments by my wonderful readers — thanks!

Maybe some of my wishes will come true in the 2013 version, or if not, the 2014 version. What’s on your list?

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9 thoughts on “My QuickBooks 2013 Wishlist

  1. I’d like to see that a “due” and “sent” date is entered into the customer ledger when a statement or invoice is sent via email …. or simpler, have SOME sort of notification or acknowledgement that a statement has been sent. For such wonderful advanced software, this is almost “90’s” technology creeping in.

    When I print a statement, there are notations on “due” and “printed” in the ledger, but they remain blank when sent by email (actually I’m thinking that if I send ONE by email, there are notations, but if I send BATCH then there are not … )

  2. re #5, Enhanced user permissions control
    I believe one of the last options in setting up a user is if they can modify or delete transactions. I know ES can do this, but the would have to sign out and then back in for it to take affect after creating a series of transactions, so i would agree here for the most part with your wish. #3 probably is never going to happen. #2 was radically reformed for 2012 and i was able to condense large ES files 50%. I will send #4 request to PD. That is a great one.

  3. Ken, thanks for your suggestions. I think you are right that QB doesn’t record when/if statements are being generated.

    Woody, thanks too for your comments. I have done testing on the new and improved 2012 condense command, and when it works, it works pretty well. But a lot of times, in our testing on real data, it fails. Maybe in the 2013 version it will have more of the kinks worked out.

  4. #1 is spot-on: QB needs to go on a diet to make more efficient use of processor & memory

    ADD: Fit & Finish … leaving a module open on exit, e.g., bill entry or whatever, should not result in that module extending itself off-screen. All windows AND child windows should maintain their position-state on closure and open in the same place they were.

    ADD: Allow users to manually adjust their own workers’ comp rates. Not only is locking users out from this not necessary, but QB has a demonstrated ability not to be able to accurately handle this data for every individual company in the country (who could?). This is not a money-maker for QB nor QB Providers (many of whom do have said access), it is simply a PIA that leads to massive frustration on the part of users. Honestly, QB isn’t going to lose business by making this available… but they will make many of their customers happier. It’s called ‘customer satisfaction & retention’. When the only reason your customers stay with you is because you’re the only game in town, you have a massive liability around your neck waiting to be jerked. When they stay with you because they’re happy, you have a massive backup. The latter is way better than the former.

    ADD: Get rid of the advertisementss!!! QB is not “shareware” nor “freeware”. The constant advertising is an unending insult to all users. It uselessly absorbs computing resources (see #1), sucks up monitor display space, and distracts users wasting yet more time and resources. The Intuit canned response that ads keep the price down is insulting to our intelligence and disingenuous… and that’s being kind.

  5. Hi Geoff,

    I set QB to close all windows upon exit, for the performance reason we both talk about — each of those open windows chews up memory and slows down processes. But if you want to leave them open for next time, I agree with you.

    DIY rate changes went away a while back and follows the industry, right or wrong. I don’t know if maybe there are some liability issues that Intuit wants to avoid by making their product unavailable as a platform for incorrect rates, or if it’s just to feed the annual support contract cash cow. Maybe both.

    Yes, the advertisements are annoying. You can turn most of them off through Edit / Preferences / General / Turn off pop-up messages for products and services.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

  6. 1.)Could some one in PD please set up payroll, that when you cut payroll it automaticly cuts the child support checks with account numbers and parent names printed on them as well?
    2.) How about adapting the workers comp feature to work with Washington State’s process of computing (rate x hours) instead of rate x wages so at least it is a useable feature for us here in washington.
    3.) How about a FUTA monitor that gives you notice when your payroll amounts require a deposit.
    4.) How about a 941 monitor that lets you know when you change filing frequency’s due to increased or decreased payroll amounts. This would save many from filing fines with U.S.T.

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