QuickBooks file missing customers and vendor piecesWe’ve been hearing from a number of users in the last month about this problem.

One day, everything is fine. Then suddenly, the users notice that a lot of their bills, or bill payments, or invoices have missing vendor or customer information. The name, in particular. Or their customer or vendor lists go blank. This is called list damage in a QuickBooks file.

Rebuilding the file in QuickBooks doesn’t seem to help; rebuild fails.

The problem is usually repairable. But it is still a bit of a mystery as to why we’re seeing more instances of list damage than usual (We’ve seen and repaired this problem over the years, but it has not been commonplace.)

Anyone seen this problem recently? Did the problem seem to appear randomly, or in association with something else happening in QuickBooks?

72 thoughts on “My QuickBooks Customers or Vendors Are Suddenly Gone

  1. Yesterday we lost all lists of customers, vendors, tax setup, etc. But we did not lose job lists or item lists. It appears that an automatic update was applied yesterday morning on start up. Could this be related? Also, our office called tech support and was on the phone for 3 hours. They could not get the software running. I arrived at the office a few hours later. I had the software running in 20 minutes. As well, they renamed files. The caused further issues. This is a serious issue in itself. We still do not have our lists. Your data department is trying to fix this.


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