Thinking about getting QuickBooks 2019 Desktop? There are new features like invoice status tracking, multi-monitor support, and an easier, more efficient way to pay bills.

What choices do you get when installing the software, and what is required at install time?

Here’s an installation walk through and the new feature list you’ll see when installing. (These screenshots were taken from QuickBooks Enterprise 2019, but the process is the same for Pro, Premier, or Accountant 2019.)

Do you have another version of QuickBooks running in another windows? Or another memory or CPU-intensive program running? Close them down so that the QuickBooks install will have plenty of elbow room
You’ve seen these many times. Click the checkbox to activate the Next button
These codes came with your software. If you can’t find them, you’ll need to talk with Intuit support. NOTE: Even after you enter these codes, you’ll still need to register your software after installation is completed
Here you set up some back end network settings that QuickBooks will use to tell where your data will be located
QuickBooks knows what its default program location should be. Don’t change it unless you have a good reason to. You DO NOT have to remove older versions in order to install the new version, so keep the old version out there unless there’s a good reason not to. (If you ever need to run the old software, it will be easier to have it already in place than having to reinstall it)
Click Install to commence the process. The installation will take several minutes
Off to the races! You will not be asked for any further input until installation is complete. And now you view the new feature slideshow…
quickbooks 2019 new features
New vendor management feature in version 2019
quickbooks 2019 new features
New efficiency improvements in version 2019
quickbooks 2019 new features
New features to help you find the account you want
Almost home! QuickBooks 2019 Desktop requires a computer reboot to finish its setup. If anyone is logged into a program using data from your computer, make sure they get out before you reboot!
You’re in like Flynn! You’ll now have QuickBooks 2019 Desktop installed on your computer. Of course, if you are operating QuickBooks from multiple computers on your network, you’ll need to install QuickBooks on those other computers too. You’ll be able to open QuickBooks 2019 either from your Start menu or from a Desktop icon that QuickBooks created Even though QuickBooks 2019 Desktop is installed on your computer, you’ll still be required to register the program. QuickBooks will walk you through it once you open the program.

When you first open QuickBooks, it’s a good idea to check for updates. It is likely that there will be updates, and you want to be using them when you create or upgrade your company file. Click Help / Update QuickBooks Desktop to find and install any available program updates.

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