Intuit has put new multiuser capacity restrictions on the 2011 versions of QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions.

QuickBooks Pro 2011 can now have up to three simultaneous users.

QuickBooks Premier 2011 can now accomodate up to 5 simultaneous users.

Previous versions of Pro and Premier allowed as many simultaneous users as there were installed product licenses, and you could purchase/add as many as you wanted. (Performance would suffer, though, if there were too many simultaneous users. Perhaps that is why the multiuser capacity is now limited??)

QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 2011 can accomodate up to 30 simultaneous users.

Here is a product comparison table on Intuit’s website, including the multiuser capacity information.

This new multiuser limitation may mean that some users will have to upgrade editions of QuickBooks if they want to stay current with the latest software and still allow their staff the same access to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks data files will automatically upgrade to higher editions when they are first opened in the higher edition. QuickBooks data files cannot be opened in lower editions unless they are edition downgraded.

What do you think about the capacity change? Will it affect the edition you use?

(Thanks to Lisa Peterson for the heads up on this via LinkedIn)

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