Have you ever crashed Quickbooks? It ain’t pretty. Here is an often-ignored tip to avoid bringing down QuickBooks on your network. This is not a hardware-based tip, like plugging every network component into a battery backup unit.

This one requires cooperation from every one of your QuickBooks users.

TIP: Close QuickBooks whenever you are going to be gone from your computer for awhile.

Lunchtime, trip to the dentist time, staff meeting time, quitting time…get out of QuickBooks.

Why? ¬†For some reason, if you leave your company open (but inactive) in QuickBooks for a long time, it tends to lose connection with your company data file. So when you come back to your computer and try to resume your work, QuickBooks will often be unresponsive. It may crash. You may get a “Connection Lost” message. You may get a fatal error code. None of these are good.

This has happened to ME…more than once. One time, it corrupted the file so that I had to restore my last good online backup. (Yes, fortunately, I had one.)

The simple prevention is to just log out of QuickBooks when you are going to walk away from your desk for awhile. When you get back, run QuickBooks again, open up your company, and get to work.

You would maybe think that you could leave QuickBooks running indefinitely across your network without problems. That is not so.

So this tip is simply one of making office policy: Before you walk away, close QuickBooks. Easy.

Have you ever lost connection in QuickBooks because of extended inactivity? What happened?

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28 thoughts on “One Tip to Keep QuickBooks from Crashing on your Network

  1. This tip is good for those of you who are on a server, but some of us use a peer-to-peer network with Quickbooks where one computer is the queen bee and the other users are actually using the data file on the queen bee computer. In that case, the queen bee always needs to be open, because if it is not, the worker bees work on what they think is the file and then can’t save it. If you are doing a complicated task it is quite frustrating to have to do it over when you discover you really aren’t working on the file.

    • Hi Rochelle,

      That’s a good point. In that kind of situation, the users of both computers would need to be aware of whether QuickBooks is open or not, and not leave it open if either computer is going to be inactive for a while. Thanks for the insight.

  2. Thanks for this tip. Occassionally this happens, and we never thought to chalk it up to inactivity. Sometimes the connection to the network file is lost competely, and we have found that when re-opening the company file, the box for “open in multi-user mode” has defaulted to being unchecked in the open file dialogue window, and you have to be aware to check that box again.

    In relation to Rochelle’s above comment, we used to run ours on a peer-to-peer network and a few years ago switched to a server-based network. Interestingly enough, Quickbooks seemed more stable for us when we were on peer-to-peer. I don’t know if it’s the difference in using the server, or if the newer versions of Quickbooks are less reliable than their predecessors. At any rate, thanks again for this tip and hopefully it will help our situation.

  3. I’m not sure if this is relatable to quickbooks, but I’ve had similar disconnection issues with other software in the past.

    Just curious if your mapped drive letters have a red X on them, when quickbooks disconnects. What happens if you click a mapped drive so they re-connect and look normal again? Does quickbooks then re-connect OK? Can you close & re-open quickbooks?

    There’s a registry edit that may or may not help with the disconnection issues. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/297684

      • Just to clarify, the registry edit is more to prevent the disconnections in the first place. That edit will increase timeouts to, effectively, never.

        First, checking if the mapped drive letters have disconnected or dropped out would verify that there’s a timeout or disconnection problem.

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  5. We use an online hosted QuickBooks and have the problem of becoming disconnected about 2-4 a day, sometimes while we are using it. We are on a wired connection to the internet. Always after inactivity on QuickBooks for 1/2 hr or more we lose the connectivity. To log in 4-6 times a day is very inconvenient to say the least and is a big problem when on the phone with customers and you have to put them on hold for a minute to re-log into quickbooks to find their information. This seems to be a very BAD way to do business and would hope to find a better more reliable way to host this. Is this and issue only with QuickBooks or an issue only with any online hosts. I am trying to fiqure out which is the problem so we can change what is needed to be reliable again. Thanks, Dave Bieneman

    • Hi David,

      I think that a half hour of inactivity of QuickBooks on a local network would result in a disconnection a lot of times — it’s not necessarily an issue for just hosted environments. Yes, I can see how if you have intermittent use throughout the day, with a customer on the line, that would be inconvenient. Let us know if you figure out a good workaround, and thanks for the note.

    • Hi Laura,

      Long time no talk! Well, I’ve seen this question discussed before, but I have no reason to think that it would make a difference whether you logoff first. Do you have an opinion on it?

  6. This happens often. It is frustrating. You would think Quickbooks could solve this issue. If I upgrade to the latest version of Quickbooks would it help?

  7. What if you have a situation where you HAVE to stay logged in? Where logging out is not an option?

    Example: We have a customer that we integrated QuickBooks with an EDI provider. For the auto scheduler to work with the EDI Provider a “dummy” user needs to be logged in to QuickBooks 24/7 to provide data to the scheduler which automatically brings up orders to the users. This user is only used to run the scheduler service, and has a dedicated workstation – no one ever uses the workstation or the user for QuickBooks. Think of it as QuickBooks running as a service on the server though it is not…it is very similar, This user MUST remain logged into QuickBooks in order for the scheduler integration to work. If the user is “timed out” the scheduler would stop.

    Is there a way to make sure QuickBooks does not time out? I am asking about QuickBooks specifically…I understand completely the idea of network issues and power save options and we can work around that mostly…but does QuickBooks just log out itself if there is inactivity?

    • Hi John,

      I understand you, but I don’t know what to tell you about that. I don’t think that QB is logging out per se, and I don’t know of any settings in QB to address it. If the problem has an underlying component of network connectivity then maybe you can address that, as you said. If I hear of anything else I’ll let you know.

  8. I am running QuickBooks 2014, 2015 & 2016 Premier edition on 4 different computers. The only one that crashes is the QB2015. Every time I try to do a backup it crashes so I have been unable to back up. I tried to rebuild the data and whenever I get to the point where it asks to back up the data it crashes. I have been sending a portable file via email to one of my other computers in the meantime. One of my other clients QB2015 also crashes for no apparent reason. I am using Windows 7 on 2 computers and windows 10 on 2 others. Same problem on all computers. Very frustrating! I refuse to go to the online version due to the problems with it shutting down and now I am experiencing it on the desktop version. I also don’t want to go to the online version because it is not capable of doing progress billing and partial purchase orders, 2 very important components of QB for some of my clients.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Sounds like you have some data corruption in the file, and that is preventing the backup. One thing you try, to get a backup and be able to do the rebuild, would be to turn off the “Verify” option on the backup, so it makes an unverified backup. Then you could try rebuilding and see if that works. If not, your choices would be to either restore your last good backup, or get your data repaired. Thanks for your question.

  9. Hi Shannon,
    It is possible to disable the anti-idle function, allowing users to remain logged in permanently. How many are interested in it?

  10. I never had this problem on the Mac 2014 version. And the Windows version is so much more user friendly than the Mac version in my opinion. It seems more powerful then the Mac version yet the Mac version seems more stable. Very odd.

  11. One of many things that are very frustrating with QB’s. I am running Enterprise 16.0. I had to step away and got involved in other matters only to come back to a timed out QB’s that did not save my data. Very important doc just vanished because QB’s is in control of my software. I will be the one to decide if an idle computer is dangerous or not. This should be in the set up for US to decide if and when QB’s should log US off on it’s own. If QB’s was so concerned about my data then they would make it easy for me to back it up. I won’t even go there.
    Sorry venting.

  12. I am a single user on one pc, self employed and it constantly freezes during data entry, wondering whyim bothering it is that bad

    • Hi Lynn,

      That sounds like no fun. What version of QuickBooks are you using? And under what version of Windows? Will your file verify OK in its current condition? (File / Utilities / Verify Data)


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