Wouldn’t it be great to start the new year with a clean, high-performing QuickBooks file?

Now is the time to plan for that.

One way is with a DIY reconciliation. Set aside a block of time in late December or early January to work on your books. Plan on reconciling all your bank accounts and credit cards (if you don’t regularly do this anyway!)

Plan some time to review your accounts receivable and accounts payable to make sure that balances are correct and flowing through to your balance sheet accounts as they should.

If you do payroll in QuickBooks, schedule some time to review your employee and employer YTD totals.

There is more you could do, but this is a start.

Another way is an accountant’s reconciliation/review. Make arrangements for your accountant to review your books at the end of the year and make whatever adjustments they think best. That way, your books should conform to accounting standards and be ready for 2011 operations and 2010 tax reporting.

Plan on sending them an “accountant’s copy” of your data. That way, you can keep working in the file while the accountant makes their changes. No data is then lost or has to be reentered when you get the changes back from them.

The third way is to recreate your company file. This option is for those who have a big QuickBooks data file, cluttered up with a lot of old information. Is QuickBooks slow or unstable for you? Or are the books just a big, unfixable mess? Then you should check out a company recreate.

You can do this yourself by creating a new company and exporting/importing your lists from your old company into the new one. You can clean them up in Excel between the export and the import steps. Put in balance forwards and/or pending and open transactions and you are ready to go.

AccountingUsers Inc. can recreate your company for you turnkey, with no downtime on your side. The recreated file is much smaller than the original, is completely reconciled, and has the amount of history you choose.

The recreate process can be scheduled at the end of the year or otherwise. Click here to find out more or get a free quote.

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