Is your QuickBooks file too big, sluggish, slow? Did it use to be lean and quick but now has a paunch?

As you use QuickBooks over the years, the transactions build up more and more. For transaction-heavy businesses, this results in large data files that take longer and longer to update in real-time across a network. As a result, it can take QuickBooks many seconds to post a new invoice or run a report.

Archiving data in QuickBooks has two disadvantages:

1. You lose historical reporting ability
2. It often does not really trim down the size of the file, especially if you track inventory in QuickBooks.

The answer? Supercondense your data. We invented this process, and it can result in a 50% or more reduction in your QBW file size, and faster QuickBooks performance on your network.

Instead of removing transactions from your data, we remove the audit trail and do some other housecleaning on the file. None of your transactions, accounts, or balances change. But your data file gets lean and mean.

We can analyze your file for free and let you know how much we can shrink it. No obligation. Contact us today at 1-800-999-9209 to schedule your analysis.

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2 thoughts on “Supercondensing…Put Your QuickBooks File on a Diet

  1. Wow. I’m underwhelmed. $300-500 to do what it should be doing to begin with. Who designed this process, the VP of Sales?


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