It’s that time again…the beginning of football season…aspens turning yellow in the mountains… and a new version of QuickBooks gets released. QuickBooks 2016 was just released last week to end users.

Here is a quick cheat sheet of some of the best new features found in QuickBooks 2016:

  • Batch deletion is possible for checks, bills, and invoices (Accountant edition)batch_deletion_screenshot
  • Bill tracker dashboard to quickly see accounts payable informationbill_tracker_screenshot
  • Custom field filtering for many item reports now possible
  • Reset the “Email later” checkbox on transactions with one step
  • Report date range for This Fiscal Year to Last Monthdate_selection_snapshot

There are a few other enhancements, but these are, to me, the most useful of them. What do you think? Are any of these “must-have” features for you?

10 thoughts on “Quick Glance at QuickBooks 2016

  1. I understand you don’t have job costing, but can you please make it possible to add multiple job sites or addresses to one customer?

      • Let me be more clear. I have a phone number and I need to find tthe customer name so I can look up the customer’s history,

        415-239-5393 Who is this customer?

        Your suggestion gives me a list of the 300 customers with the phone numbers, but I don’t see any way to narrow the field down to just that phone number.

        Find>AdvabcedCustomer Phone Number does work but it requires lots of careful mouse clicking to scrol down in a small window with lots of entries.

        I would like an other window. Fnd>Simple>Phone number. There is pleanty of room to the right of the box

  2. The most useful is the report date range. I am constantly generating reports “this fiscal year to last month”.
    the dashboard tracker, not so much. I am still an Accounts Payable Aging Summary person.
    And batch delete, yes will come in handy when correcting mistakes made by the people who think they know how to do bookkeeping.

  3. What would be very useful is a customer mailing list, and improvements overall to email. Additional fields you can actually see for customers (and the various people who order for the company) would be very useful, at least to us. Of course, if these things are there, and I have missed them, I am completely embarrassed…


  4. Quickbooks is really good for service industry businesses but it still needs some growing up to handle inventory based businesses. Two major features missing for inventory businesses is sales tax information for jobs and/or for different shipping address and multiple vendor support for an inventory items.

  5. Please, I am begging, put in the ability to save statements as pdf’s. QB email won’t work with my Outlook so I have to print each statement, scan it in, and then send it. What a pain!!! Since we can save invoices, why can’t we save statments?


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