QuickBooks 2010 introduced something new: a suite of optional products/services that integrate into QuickBooks. There have been 3rd party solutions available for QuickBooks for years, but the difference here is that these new products/services live on the web.

They are accessible directly within the QuickBooks application, by clicking on the App Center button. You’ll see the Intuit Workplace App Center.

Almost all of these solutions are available to try for free for a limited time. Then there is a monthly subscription fee if you choose to continue using them.

There are currently three main categories of apps:

1. Professional Services apps. These include document, fax, and expense managers and other efficiency-enhancers for professional offices.

2. Financial Services apps. Add-ins for accountants, tax practioners and financial advisors.

3. Field Service apps. Route and vehicle tracking and more.

There are also project management apps, marketing and CRM apps, management reporting apps, and a nice inventory analysis app.

The suite of available solutions is growing all the time and with it, the possibility of making millions of offices more productive.

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3 thoughts on “Be More Productive with QuickBooks 2010 Optional Web Apps

  1. Some people have a few concerns about the new web apps. They might not fit for all users. Two big concerns that I’ve heard – the apps aren’t available if the Intuit servers are down (or if you have an interruption in your Internet service), and the apps have a monthly fee rather than the more traditional one-time fee for a desktop application.

    I’ve also heard some complaints about slow speed, but I’ve not investigated that.

    The server/access issue is important. Just this morning the Intuit servers suffered a major service interruption, and many Intuit services were not available (QB Online was out, merchant services was out, I assume the online apps were too but I don’t know).

    • Charlie, I agree that server access is an important consideration. But if the Intuit servers are up +99% of the time, do you think that a typical office network would do better than that? 100% uptime is not really possible under any scenario…

      It’s interesting to think through the pros and cons. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I travel a lot, so this is indeed a good idea.
    But my Boss is a “Private & Confidential” freak and an oldie. For sure she wont allow this. Too bad of me.


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